Bachelor of Applied Management

Bachelors of Applied Management

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The Bachelor of Applied Management is an innovative program designed to respond to 21st century employer needs for highly skilled and educated employees. It is also designed as a “top-up program” to consolidate your prior learning and experience in management. The program is integrated, practical and draws on real-world practices to provide students with applied knowledge and skills needed to work in a management role and meet the demands of the workplace.

In the program you will develop the practical skills needed to manage a business in today’s challenging environment. You will also learn how to blend a strategic approach to your thinking with practical planning, marketing, finance and people skills required to manage the complexities of a modern business.

You will also undertake a range of assessment tasks during this program including written reports, assignments, group projects, case studies, presentations and formal examinations. Your management skills, knowledge and attributes will be further consolidated by completing an applied management workplace project at the end of the program.

Job outcomes

This program has been developed to meet the global demand for highly skilled senior managers. It will prepare graduates with the necessary skills, knowledge and attributes to undertake a wide variety of professional positions across a broad range of industries.

Entry requirements

Admission to the program will be on the following basis:

  • A diploma qualification in a relevant discipline
  • An advanced diploma or equivalent qualification in a relevant discipline
  • Any significant industry experience in the relevant professional area. Mature age or interstate applicants are invited to apply. 

Mature age or interstate applicants are invited to apply. Program entry requirements take into account the wide range of backgrounds and experiences of applicants.

Current Kangan Institute students

Your background determines your entry point – a relevant Diploma, Advanced Diploma and significant work experience will enable entry into third year. Completion of the third year management courses will then allow you to graduate with a fully accredited university Bachelor’s degree.

** Credits for students include the following - Diploma in any discipline; plus Advanced Diploma in any discipline with a minimum of six (6) business/management units, in at least four (4) discipline areas is required plus; a minimum of two (2) years, (full-time equivalent), documented work experience is required; will receive up to 16 x 15 (240) credit points as articulation into the Bachelor of Applied Management.

Fees and charges

Fees and charges for the program are calculated based on the units undertaken throughout your study. FEE HELP is available for this course for eligible students. To find out more about FEE HELP click here.

 Contact us for more information on fees and credits for previously completed studies.

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