Strategic Business planning for the micro small business

Business Enterprise Centre

This purpose-designed program will assist you to develop a Strategic Business Plan. If you are planning to start up a business you will create a New Business Feasibility Plan, or if you have an existing business you will create a Strategic Business Plan. This program is both relevant and practical for the future of your business.

The timing of the program is set at a maximum of 3 months, but you can discuss an appropriate time frame with your Facilitator that meets your requirements. 

Program Structure:

3 x 1 hour face to face sessions with an experienced Business Planning Facilitator

2 x 30 minute distance sessions via telephone, Skype or on-line meetings

4 x Reviews of your developing Plan with feedback and guidance via email

            Format:           1 x 1hr. Face to Face session

                                    1 Review via Email

                                    1 x 30 minute Distance session eg. telephone, skype

                                    1 Review via Email

                                    1 x 1hr. Face to Face session

                                    1 Review via Email

                                    1 x 30 minute Distance Session eg. telephone, skype

                                    1 Review via Email

                                    1 X 1 hr Face to Face session

A Strategic Business Plan or Feasibility Plan template will be provided for you to work with and will be the integral tool for you to develop your plan. It will also be the focus of communication with your Facilitator to discuss the stages of your plan’s development, and will be the basis for reviews to obtain constructive feedback.

The emphasis of this process is that YOU develop the plan as it is your business and you should understand and retain full control of the content of the plan. Your Facilitator will ensure you have a comprehensive understanding and insight to pursue the vision you have for your business.

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Phone: 9094 3008