New Business Assistance with NEIS

New Business Assistance with NEIS

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What is New Business Assistance with NEIS?

The New Business Assistance with NEIS (New Enterprise Incentive Scheme) is an Australian Government program to help people not in employment, education or training into self-employment.

The New Business Assistance with NEIS program has been operating for over 31 years and Kangan Institute has been a New Business Assistance with NEIS provider for more than 27 years.

The New Business Assistance with NEIS program includes:

  • Small Business Management training (you will develop a comprehensive business plan)
  • Mentor support for up to 12 months from experienced small business advisers
  • Income support for nine months (if eligible)
  • Rent assistance for up to 26 weeks (if eligible).

All small business training and mentor support is fully subsidised with no associated cost to the participant.

Your business idea must not be already operating on a commercial basis, it must have an independent business structure and meet legal requirements at all levels of government.


Who is Eligible?

  • You must be unemployed
  • Not in any full time education or training
  • Have a commercially viable business idea
  • Over 18 years of age.

How to Apply

  • Attend an Information Session (as listed below) and submit an Application Form after an interview.

Return your application in person or mail to our postal address:

  • Administration Officer
  • Business Enterprise Centre
  • Kangan Institute
  • 38 Buckley Street
  • Essendon VIC 3040

We take applications continuously and we will consider your application for the next course. We will contact successful applicants by phone or letter shortly before the start date of the next course.

For expression of interest and to arrange a follow up call, contact us.

New Business Assistance with NEIS Requirements:

New Business:

Your business must be new and not yet operating at a commercial level. This does not imply that your business idea needs to be unique but that it has to be a business which is being started up. The business can already be registered but cannot have already operated beyond a hobby level. No goodwill can be paid to purchase an ongoing business. In addition to this, the business needs to pass the independence rule. For example franchises or exclusive sub-contracting arrangements are not allowed as they lack the necessary independence.


New Business Assistance with NEIS does not restrict how the business is structured e.g. sole proprietorship, partnership or company. Any business partners can be New Business Assistance with NEIS eligible or not, however if they are not, you must have decision making control while you are on the New Business Assistance with NEIS program.


New Business Assistance with NEIS will support business proposals which are potentially viable. The basic requirement is that projected profits at the end of the nine month period are at least equal to the New Business Assistance with NEIS allowance. This amount applies to each member of a partnership whether they are New Business Assistance with NEIS eligible or not New Business Assistance with NEIS eligible.

Evidence of Demand:

At the end of training an independent review will consider your business plan. Apart from meeting all of the appropriate legal requirements such as registering of business name, council permits, licences, lease agreement, partnership agreement, etc., proof of demand will need to be provided. The business plan should demonstrate potential demand through market testing and research you have conducted.

Small Business Management Training:

New Business Assistance with NEIS participants are able to complete the Certificate III in Micro Business Operations. This is a nationally accredited competency based course which will be assessed through assignments. Practical ideas can be gained from the trainers and other participants who often have previous business experience. The course lasts a maximum of seven weeks. Final plans are assessed by an independent review, which recommends whether income support is granted to your business proposition. RPL (recognition of prior learning) is available if your qualifications and skills can be shown to be the equivalent of the course’s learning outcomes. Ask about RPL at your interview.

"Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, we have adapted our course delivery to now encompass a combination of remote and flexible delivery methods. Our flexible model allows you to continue to study in a safe, guided and fully supported manner with continued access to all learning, personal and wellbeing supports.

You will be advised by your facilitator on a case by case basis in relation to practical and work placement assessments, as some flexibility will be required during this challenging time. The sessions listed below are to advise the frequency of our delivery, however please be advised that they are temporarily suspended until further notice during this time. For NEIS information please sight the “Information for NEIS” tab or phone us on 9094 3008".

“NEIS Information sessions listed below are temporarily suspended.

For Information regarding the NEIS program, visit the section titled “Information for NEIS”. Face to face sessions at the locations listed will resume once the Covid19 restrictions have been lifted”


  • 2.00pm Every Wednesday
  • Kangan Institute - Room A237
  • 85 Cremorne Street, Richmond


  • 9.30am Every Friday
  • Kangan Institute - Room A218
  • 38 Buckley Street, Essendon

For session location and times at the following locations, please phone 9094 3008.


  • 10.00am 1st Monday of every month


  • 2.00pm 1st Tuesday of the month


  • 2.00pm 2nd Tuesday of the month

Ballarat and Bendigo:

  • Regular monthly sessions

To obtain more information relating to session locations and times please phone 9094 3008.