Training Services

Kangan Institute has over 15 years experience in working internationally. Our services are based on our deep understanding of industry requirements and our experience in delivering in a wide range of cultural settings.

Delivery in Australia, delivery offshore or a combination of both

Kangan Institute has extensive experience in training delivery offshore. Kangan Institute identifies suitable training organisations through a strict process of quality checks and manages organisations to deliver Kangan Institute qualifications according to Australian Quality Training Framework Guidelines (AQTF) standards.

Training is closely monitored and audited on a regular basis. The training of teachers in partner Institutes is crucial to successful program implementation.

Australian teachers are also experienced in delivering training in a variety of cultural settings and are able to assist in course delivery, depending on the business model undertaken.

Teacher training and professional development programs

Kangan Institute has been a leader in the provision of teacher training programs in Australia for over 10 years and has developed a reputation for teacher training for overseas institutes. Professional development programs are also available for staff from Education and Training organisations, companies and foreign government staff.

Programs include:

  • accredited training for teachers to qualify to teach and assess Australian qualifications
  • focussed skill acquisition for example training for automotive teachers.
  • 'shadowing' programs whereby foreign teachers work with Australian specialist teachers to gain experience in teaching practice and methodologies.
  • organisational development for senior management.