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Is your business a sponsor under the subclass 457 Visa Program? With our prompt and reliable service, Kangan Institute can assist in your application to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship to ensure your business meets its obligations of contributing to training benchmarks under the 457 VISA scheme.

About your contribution

Our scholarship fund not only provides you with the means to meet your Training Benchmark A requirements, but your contribution will go towards helping local students study and work in skill shortage industries. For those who are required to contribute to Training Benchmark B, your contributions will go on to see the facilitation of training your employers. Make your contribution here by selecting your Training Benchmark below. 

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Why hundreds of businesses choose Kangan Institute

Over the years Kangan Institute has proven to be a choice training provider by hundreds of businesses to assist with their VISA 457 contributions. Our near 100% success rate in approved applications means you’ll be guided in the right direction for successful approval first time around.  We also know how to make this process as easy as possible for you and your business. Simply pay online with our online payment portal and within 24 hours you’ll receive receipt of payment and letter of confirmation electronically.  As one of the largest providers of VET education in Victoria,  the real Kangan Institute advantage is the depth and breadth of our study courses- so you’ll find the industry sector you’re looking for! 


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