Pathways to Kangan Institute

Regardless of where a student starts their journey, our courses can provide credits toward the next study level within TAFE and beyond to university through our pathways arrangements.

This means that a student can, for instance, start with one of our pre-apprenticeship programs and access pathways straight into a full-time apprenticeship, or begin with a certificate IV program, transition into a diploma/advanced diploma and then progress on to a bachelor's qualification with one of our partner universities.

We offer pathways from:

  • Pre-apprenticeships
  • School-based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBAT)
  • VET in Schools ('taster' programs for secondary school students working out where they want to go)
  • Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL)
  • Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE)
  • Certificates I to IV
  • Diploma and advanced diploma
  • University pathways

We've got pathway agreements with some of the state's leading universities, such as La Trobe University, University of Ballarat, Victoria University, Swinburne University of Technology, Monash University and RMIT, which means that our qualifications can get you study credits to shave time and costs off your tertiary education.

There are many benefits with starting your tertiary journey with Kangan Institute:

  • You'll get to choose from a great range of study options at Kangan Institute, with more than 300 nationally-accredited courses to choose from and pathways to over 20 undergraduate degrees.
  • You'll be graduating with two qualifications - a diploma/advanced diploma and an undergraduate degree, giving you better credentials and greater skill sets to embark on your dream career.
  • It's cheaper to start your journey with TAFE in most cases and you could potentially save over $5,000* by the end of your undergraduate degree. (* based on undertaking a two year Diploma of Information Technology at Kangan Institute and pathway into a two year bachelor degree at one of the major universities, as of 2011)
  • Find out more about pathways here.

Sam Gungormez

Advanced Diploma of Information Technology (Network Security) graduate

Sam Gungormez completed a Certificate IV in Information Technology (Networking) in 2007 at Kangan Institute and progressed into the Advanced Diploma of Information Technology (Network Security) in 2008. After graduating with the advanced diploma, Sam took advantage of Kangan Institute's pathway agreement with La Trobe University to complete the Bachelor of Information Systems in two years. He is now working full-time as a junior network analyst for the Wettenhalls Group.

"Kangan Institute's pathway program guaranteed me a place at university, allowing me to continue learning in areas I enjoyed. To gain more experience during the course of my studies, I also worked part-time in the IT industry as a help desk clerk - I even got promoted six months later.

My journey at Kangan Institute was the best, most fun educational experience in my life and I never looked back after enrolling into the information technology networking program."