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Mick Young Foundation and Scholarship

Suitable for prospective and existing TAFE students experiencing financial hardship who are highly motivated to complete their qualification

Mick Young Scholarships are available to assist students who can demonstrate financial hardship and motivation to complete a TAFE qualification. The Scholarship can go towards expenses such as textbooks, equipment, transport and course fees - as the recipient decides. 

Please note we are no longer taking applications for this scholarship for 2014.

About the Scholarships 

  • A Mick Young Scholarship may be allocated to a intending and existing students in financial need.
  • The criteria for a recipient of a Mick Young Scholarship are financial disadvantage and motivation and commitment to furthering education and improving life circumstances.
  • The scholarship is not bound by age limits or qualifications.
  • Full and part-time students and prospective students are eligible to apply.
  • Scholarship funds are intended to assist in supporting study expenses at
  • Scholarship funds are provided to successful applicants in a one-off payment. The amount of the Scholarship is $500 - $1,000.
  • To be eligible for consideration, you must complete the Application Form in full, and submit it along with supporting documentation by .

    Are you eligible? 

    To be eligible for a Mick Young Scholarship you must be: 

  • Intending to enrol, or already enrolled, at a TAFE Institute or the TAFE Division of a dual-sector public university in a nationally recognised course listed on www.training.gov.au
  • An Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia
  • Able to prove you would not be able to succeed in your studies without financial assistance
  • Committed to succeed in your studies and your career.

Scholarships are competitive as there is a limited number available. 

Note: the scholarship is not available to international students 

Decisions about whether or not an applicant meets financial disadvantage criteria are ultimately at the discretion of the Foundation. Typically decisions would be based on how critical additional financial support is to students’ ability to commence/continue and succeed in their studies. 

The value of each individual scholarship is $500 - $1,000 unless otherwise advised. Scholarship funds can be applied to fees and may also assist students with, for example, purchasing textbooks, living expenses and travel costs. The scholarship must be applied to the advancement of the recipient’s education. It is not the Foundation’s or the Scholarship Associates’ responsibility to verify how the funds are spent by the scholarship recipient. 

Scholarships are for one year only. However, previous applicants and recipients of the Foundation’s Mick Young Scholarships can re-apply each year. Indeed, the Foundation encourages ongoing support for students who show commitment to ensure successful outcomes. 

When awarding scholarships in Semester 1, the Scholarship Associate should have the selection process finalised by the end of April. If offering scholarships in Semester 2, the deadline is the end of September. 

The Scholarship Associate will notify all applicants, in writing (email is preferable), of the outcome of their application.