Michelle Walker

Koori Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) in Fashion

At the age of 46, Michelle Walker decided to return to study. Juggling her part time job, health problems and caring for her two children, Michelle relished the challenge and completed the VCAL Fashion course with success.

Despite looking after her grandmother who had been hospitalised, Michelle ensured that she worked from home and duly impressed her teachers with all of her work being completed on time and to a high standard.

Not only did she inspire her class mates, Michelle also played a part in encouraging her sister and her niece to return to study. Her teachers have noted that education is something that Michelle values very highly.

Michelle is planning on continuing her studies in fashion in the future having already experienced some success in this area.

'I have designed a dress to wear to the Melbourne Cup which is very exciting because I've never been before. I have also been asked to design and make some friends' wedding dresses,' Michelle said.