Teaching methods

Kangan Institute International Teaching Methods

Our teaching methods focus on student-centred communication using innovative print and audio-visual resources. The use of smartboard technology and ipads in the teaching and learning is inherent in each classroom. Students participate in whole class, individual, pair and small group work activities which offer the opportunity to practise communicating in English. Our teachers engage students with topics of interest.

Our teachers strictly enforce an ‘English only to be spoken’ rule in the classroom to ensure all students maximise the opportunity to improve their language skills as quickly as possible.

Our Teachers

You will have the best lessons from our best teachers. All classes are taught by fully qualified and highly experienced teachers with specialist qualifications in teaching English to speaker of other languages (TESOL).  Our teachers have lived and taught in Europe, the Middle Eastern Gulf, Asia and Latin America

They are all keen learners as they participate in professional development to update their knowledge regularly in order to maintain currency in teaching methods.

Not only are they highly qualified and experienced, they are also dedicated and have a great sense of humour and enjoy talking to our students to find out more about their lessons and receive feedback.

For ELICOS applications and enquiries, please contact us on:

Phone: +61 1300 175 176
Email: international@kangan.edu.au