Academic records

Kangan Institute 2016 Graduation Register here

Attending graduation

On the day you’ll receive an empty scroll on the stage. You’ll need to collect your certificate or diploma at the end of the ceremony at the gowning area.

Not attending graduation

If you decide not to attend the graduation ceremony and would like your award conferred in absentia (mailed to you) you must still RSVP on the registration page to indicate that you are NOT attending and that you’d like your award mailed to you.

Your award will be conferred on the last working day of the month that your award level is confirmed by your school.  Approximately three weeks after your conferral date you will receive an email asking you to confirm your postal address. Approximately four to six weeks after your conferral date your certificate/diploma will be mailed to you by registered post.

Any certificates left over will be mailed out the week after the ceremony.

Please note: once you have advised Kangan Institute that you do not want to attend the ceremony, you cannot change your mind and attend the graduation ceremony.