Learning Support | Monthly Workshop

Learning Support Unit runs interactive workshops on basic learning skills at the start of each term and workshops on other learning skills throughout the year. 

Please note: The face-to-face workshops only available at Broadmeadows Campus. We offer online-session for other campuses. 

Workshops on basic study skills (at the start of each term)

1.     Navigating Mylearning. This workshop will help you to develop your familiarity with Mylearning. After the workshop, you will be able to:

  • log in to Student Portal and Mylearning
  • locate the course and units in the course
  • locate information about teachers’ contact details, learning content, and assessments
  • locate assessment questions and upload assessment tasks
  • locate teacher feedback for each assessment task
  • provide learners feedback for the unit.

2.     Basic computer skills - word processing, emailing, using the Internet. This workshop is designed for students who want to develop or update their basic computer skills, such as:

  • operate their own computers
  • create a new Word document and save it in the shared drive
  • use basic functions of Words, email
  • using web browsers to search for information on the Internet

3.     Tips for successful online learning. The workshop will provide you some understanding and skills needed for online learning, namely:

  • understand their autonomy in online learning
  • locate different online learning resources
  • locate support resources when needed

Other learning skills workshops:

Preparing for job applications | 17th of November 2022, 10 AM-11AM

If you are about to complete your course and preparing for your job application, please join in this workshop, which is designed to help you to:

  • search for job advertisements
  • understand position requirements
  • craft a resume
  • prepare a cover letter responding to a position
  • lodge an online job application or send a job application


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