Digital Traineeships

There is a significant shortage of skilled digital professionals in Australia. Recent research indicates 87% of jobs require digital literacy skills, with the higher education sector providing 7,000 IT graduates a year. Australia will need 156,000-300,000 digital technology workers by 2025, representing 1 in 4 jobs created during that period.

1 in 16 working Australians work in tech jobs, and
there are more software engineers and developers in
Australia than solicitors, plumbers, or hairdressers

  • They cover all jobs in companies in the direct tech sector (for example software companies), and online commerce jobs in retail and wholesale trade.
  • These jobs also include tech-related jobs in sectors such as banking, mining, the public sector and professional services. In fact there are more tech jobs outside software companies than in them


Preparing you for the future

Kangan Institute is engaged with local Cremorne tech companies to develop a new industry co-designed model to integrate the digital skills needed in the future of work. The Digital Traineeship is offering a software development programme to prepare and integrate trainees into Junior/Associate Software Development roles.

The training structure comprises two key components:

  • ICT40120 Certificate IV in Information Technology (ICT40120) as a pre-traineeship program, delivered at Kangan’s Cremorne Campus, with a focus on developing foundational skills for Day 1 of the traineeship

  • ICT50220 Diploma of Information Technology (ICT50220), delivered as a traineeship, with a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) model to align learning outcomes to employment objectives

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