Kangan Institute's Digital Traineeship Program - For Students & Employers

Kangan Institute's Digital Traineeship Program - Your gateway to skilled and work-ready Software Developers


Digital Traineeships

Kangan Institute is engaged with local Cremorne tech companies to develop a new industry co-designed model to integrate digital skills needed in the future of work. The Digital Traineeship is offering a software development program to prepare and integrate trainees into Junior/Associate Software Development roles.

The Digital Traineeship Program is a gateway to skilled and work-ready Software developers, to meet the growing demand for Programming professionals.

Application can be made for direct entry into the Traineeship, but many applicants prefer using our Certificate IV in Information Technology (Programming) or Certificate III in Information Technology (Cremorne) as a skills development pathway in preparation for the Traineeship.  A discussion with our Lead Educator will help you to determine the entry point that's right for you.

Students have the opportunity to continue in the Digital Traineeship in an earn-while-you-learn model as a part of the Diploma of Information Technology (ICT50220) incorporation 1 year of paid employment (4 day per week on the job and 1 day per week on campus)

Please Note: As with all traineeships and apprenticeships, successful entry is dependent upon gaining an offer of traineeship employment prior to enrolment in the Traineeship/Diploma.  Kangan Institute can assist with introductions to local tech employers, but we cannot guarantee an offer of employment

Student Information

A traineeship in software development offers numerous benefits for students looking to kickstart their careers in the tech industry. Firstly, it provides hands-on, real-world experience that complements the theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom.

This practical exposure allows students to apply their coding skills and problem-solving abilities in a professional setting, helping them bridge the gap between academia and industry demands. Additionally, traineeships often come with mentorship and guidance from seasoned professionals, enabling students to learn best practices and industry-specific insights.

Upon completion of the Cert IV, students continuing to the Digital Traineeship will be:

·         Introduced to employers for the opportunity of securing a paid traineeship 4 days/week for between 9-12 months

·         Provided pathways to a Job

·         Trained in industry-defined software development

·         Taught and mentored in professional workplace skills

·         Supported by teachers and career counsellors

·         Undertaking real-world software development projects


For school leavers, the benefits include:

·         A focus on Software Development.

·         Direct Application - No VTAC Required, No ATAR Required

·         No Prerequisite Subjects or Qualifications

·         Multiple Intakes throughout the year

·         No Exams 

·         Project-based Course Structure

·         Pathway to Kangan's Diploma in Information Technology/Traineeship Program with paid employment


Traineeships can lead to networking and future job prospects, as many traineeships can transition into full-time positions, providing students with a foot in the door at reputable tech companies. Lastly, the software development field is continuously evolving, and traineeships offer a chance for students to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies, making them more competitive in the job market upon graduation

"Am I eligible for Government subsidy?"

If you are Australian Citizen, Australian Permanent Resident, New Zealand Citizen or have Special humanitarian visa you will be eligible for government subsidy.

"How long is the Certificate IV in Information Technology (Programming) (ICT40120)?"

6 Months Full time. If there are any restrictions you face to attend full time classes, we have the flexibility for you to attend part time, however this may affect your course timetable and result in the course taking 12 months to complete. Further consultation with our team is always welcomed and advised.

"What are the course costs?"

Full fee for the course is $11496.20*, government subsidised price $4982.00*,  or if you hold a concession card the course price is $996.40* for 2024.

*Please be aware that these prices are subject to change and are not a fixed fee. You may also incur consumerables and materials fees.

"Can we do this course online?"

Unfortunately, we do not offer this course online. Our students are required to attend classes 4 days per week, face to face.

"Are there any Pre-Requisites?"

There are no pre- requisites, however we suggest students who apply present basic computer knowledge. Entry will be based on a one-on-one interview with ourlead educators.

"How long is Diploma in IT (Traineeship course)?"

 12 month course.


Enrol in the Certificate IV in Information Technology (Programming) (ICT40120)

  • ICT40120 Certificate IV in Information Technology (Programming) (ICT40120) as a pre-traineeship program, delivered at Kangan’s Cremorne Campus, with a focus on developing foundational skills for Day 1 of the traineeship

Enrol in the Diploma in Information Technology (ICT50220)

  • ICT50220 Diploma of Information Technology (ICT50220), delivered as a paid traineeship, with a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) model to align learning outcomes to employment objectives


Employer and Industry Information

Traineeships focused on software development are instrumental in bolstering the workforce of numerous tech-driven companies and making significant contributions to the growth of our digital economy. As a trainee in the realm of software development, you'll seamlessly blend hands-on work experience with specialised training. This dynamic combination ensures you not only gain valuable skills but also earn a competitive salary while doing so. Upon the successful completion of your software development traineeship, you will be awarded a nationally recognised qualification that attests to your expertise in this dynamic and ever-evolving field.

What Kangan Institute can offer:

Workplace solutions to fit your business:

• Tailored training to address your specific business needs

• Providing digitally skilled workforce in software development technologies 

• Customised delivery of the program that fits your organisation's needs.

Delivery Method:

• in your workplace

• online, or in classrooms and workshops

• supporting established training

• blended solutions.


We follow through:

• Monitoring of trainee training progression

• Regular communication and updates to employers

• Regular revision of program effectiveness

• Effective future planning

"What is my time commitment?

The traineeship goes for a minimum of 1 year, with the student working for 4 days per week and once a day per week on campus. "

"Do we have to pay all 5 days?"

Yes, you will be paying 5 day traineeship wage

"What is the minimum wage?"

Trainees must be paid the award rate or more, please find the link below,

"What is our supervisory commitment?"

Supervision: Trainees should have regular supervision and oversight from experienced professionals within the organisation. This may involve direct supervision by a designated mentor or manager who can provide guidance and feedback on the trainee's work.

Mentorship: Many traineeships include a mentorship component where a more experienced employee guides and supports the trainee in their professional development. The mentor should be accessible to answer questions, provide advice, and help the trainee navigate the challenges of their role


"Do we need to engage with Group Training Organisations (GTO)?"

It is not a requirement but we highly recommend using the services. Engaging a GTO will ensure compliance with applicable labour laws and regulations regarding traineeships, including wage and hour laws, workplace safety, and equal opportunity regulations.

The benefits are:

You’re not tied to a contract

-Your GTO covers all the government paperwork

-You can employ an apprentice or trainee for the length of time that works for you

-Your GTO organises and oversees training for the apprentice or trainee

-Your GTO assumes all insurances and workers' compensation responsibilities, and provides safety equipment as needed


"What is a Group Training Organisation?

Group Training Organisations (GTOs) directly employ apprentices and trainees, then place them with suitable host employers for valuable on-the-job training. The host employer will usually take on the apprentice or trainee for just one part of their apprenticeship or traineeship.

The GTO is the recognised employer and is responsible for all legal aspects of the employment contract, as well as ensuring its apprentices and trainees receive suitable work and training.

Feel free to directly email us with any general enquiries at digitaltraineeships@kangan.edu.au