Indigenous Education


The Indigenous Education Centre (IEC) at Kangan Institute is an innovative environment that fosters and promotes Indigenous learning, while supporting indigenous students undertaking study and training in a wide array of courses across the institute.

Honouring the traditional landowners of the area, Gunung-Willam – Balluk, Boonwurrung and Wurrundjeri Peoples, the centre merges the cultural heritage and values of these landowners with contemporary Aboriginal culture and strong networks with key Aboriginal organisations to ensure that our students are supported through their time with us.

If you are interested in hearing more about Indigenous education training options available at Kangan Institute, give us a call on 13TAFE.

The IEC welcomes all Indigenous Australians. Our students come from many different backgrounds ranging from early school leavers to people over 50. We support Indigenous students engaged in a variety of TAFE courses across the institute, from foundation to entry level courses which include literacy, numeracy and computer skills, cultural education programs and advanced courses from the Certificate I level all the way to diplomas and advanced diplomas.

The Indigenous Education Centre plays an important role in supporting our Aboriginal students by providing them with a welcoming environment at all times and assisting them where required to find the TAFE course of their choice, getting enrolled and starting their training.

A majority of the students engage in the TAFE course of their choice at the institute and use the IEC for social activities or for support (if required). We also conduct a number of events through the year, celebrating Aboriginal and Indigenous culture and key milestones to which all the students are invited to along with their friends and Family.

We have dedicated Koorie Liaison Officers, Koorie Student Support Officers and a Koorie Engagement Mentor at the IEC to assist students in accessing a full range of support services. To speak with one of our staff please contact us on 1300 328 329.


Our KSSO and KLO are the first point of contact for our students. They support in a number of ways. The supports we can offer our students include:

  • Offering relevant support to meet student’s educational aspirations
  • Be the first point of contact to triage enquiries and issues
  • Organise Literacy and Numeracy Support
  • Organise Tutoring and Mentoring Support
  • Liaise with other departments within Kangan Institute
  • Pastoral Care and support referral



Our KEM is available to provide support & assistance to students with the following but isn’t limited to:

  • Provide Support, Pastoral Care and Advocate for ATSI students
  • Referrals to other support services within Kangan Institute such as Student Support, Disability, Reconnect as well as external Mainstream and Aboriginal Services and Programs
  • Assist with housing applications, Centrelink applications, Utility Relief Grants and various forms and applications
  • Assist with mock interviews, resume, selection criteria’s job applications
  • Assist with pathways into further study or employment
  • Our Mentor assists with any other supports that our ATSI students may require 


We are committed to maximising opportunities within Indigenous communities while addressing areas of disadvantage to restore the rights of Indigenous people.

The Indigenous Cultural Awareness Training (ICAT) program is designed to provide participants in corporate, government, business and educational environments with a practical understanding required for successfully working with the Victorian Indigenous Community. It also builds awareness of Indigenous issues and aims to eradicate apprehension or misconception about Indigenous people.

What the TAFE course entails:

The program is tailored to not only provide a historical perspective but to also provide learning which can be applied in everyday situations.

We focus on developing improvement of strategies targeted at Indigenous recruitment and employment and also offer follow-up support and ongoing Consultation as required.

To contact our Indigenous Education Centre, click here