If you have the skills, you deserve the recognition


What is Skills Recognition?

Kangan Institute knows that learning takes place everywhere, not just in a classroom. People learn from:

  • knowledge, skills and experience attained from paid or unpaid work
  • training of any kind
  • life experience
  • experience in the community or volunteer work

Skills Recognition takes account of the skills and knowledge you have gained in these other ways.

What are the benefits for me?

If your skills and knowledge meet the qualification requirements, you may not have to study for that qualification. You may save time and receive a qualification to improve your employment opportunities sooner!


How does Recognition work?

To be granted Recognition in a unit, you need to provide evidence of the current skills and knowledge you have. A trainer matches this evidence against the units in the course you intend to do.

The evidence may include:

  • Documents e.g. resume, references, certificates etc.
  • A workplace observation
  • Demonstration of skills at the TAFE
  • An interview.

When should I apply for Recognition?

Recognition assessment saves time because you are not attending a class. So it's important to apply in time to complete the process before you enrol in your course. That way, you know if there are units you don't need to enrol in.

Skills Recognition fees for government-subsidised students

If you are a government-subsidised student enrolling in units undertaken as part of the Skills Recognition process, you will pay the normal tuition unless advised otherwise. Student Support fees applicable for the units and there will be no further Skills Recognition application costs. If your Skills Recognition process is unsuccessful and you need to attend further classes, no additional enrolment fees apply to those units.

Skills Recognition fees for full fee paying students

Skills Recognition applicants who are not eligible for government-subsidised training will pay the published fees for units undertaken as part of the Skills Recognition process.

Who can help me?

Staff at the Kangan Institute Skills Recognition Centre will support and advise you throughout the process. Also you can seek advice from your relevant teaching department.

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Change of Preference

We understand that this time of year can be quite stressful. If your ATAR score is lower than expected, don’t panic. Kangan Institute can help you to realise your full potential.

Our students aren’t admitted based on ATAR scores and don’t need to have secondary school subjects as prerequisites. We offer a great range of study options, guaranteed pathway agreements and Bachelor degree  programs, so you can still gain the real skills and confidence to chase your dreams. We also offer extensive support services for your added peace of mind when studying with us.

All you need to do is choose Kangan Institute as your first preference by December.

Contact us for advice about your course options and preferences or visit the VTAC website to find out more information.

Call 9279 2390 or email vtac@kangan.edu.au. Alternatively, fill in the form and we’ll contact you.