Short Courses

We run a series of short courses regularly to give you skill sets or qualifcations (licenses) across automotive,  electrical, fashion and management.  We also offer a preparation course for people interested in joining the Police force.


  • Construction Induction (White Card)

    All people performing construction work in Victoria require proof that they have completed a general OHS construction induction course for the industry. This course meets the requirement of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2007 and allows workers to be registered with WorkSafe. Upon successful completion you will be able to demonstrate personal awareness of OHS legislative requirements and the basic principles of risk management and prevention of injury and illness in the construction industry. The course cost includes the cost of application to WorkSafe for the issue of a Construction Induction Card.

    Please note this course may be postponed if minimum student enrolment numbers are not met.

    Code : SCAB43CI01
    Length : 
    Campus : Broadmeadows Campus, Broadmeadows Campus, Broadmeadows Campus, Broadmeadows Campus, Broadmeadows Campus
  • Fashion Camp

    If you're considering a career in fashion, Kangan Institute's Fashion Camp (SCNFASHN12) is your backstage pass to becoming a fashion professional.

    Throughout the three day workshop, our expert faculty have a scheduled with all things fashion . From designing, styling , product development production and exciting hands on workshops , fashion camp will give you an insight into both the creative and business sides of the fashion industry.

    Bring your creative flair and participate in these workshop with a combination of Online and specialised studio workshops at our Cremorne campus.

    Code : SCNFASHN12
    Length : 
    Campus : Cremorne Campus
  • HSR Initial Occupational Health And Safety Training Course

    To exercise powers and rights as an HSR effectively, it is essential that HSRs (and Deputy HSRs) receive training. This WorkSafe approved training course aims to provide HSRs with the skills, knowledge and confidence to represent their designated work group and to help make their workplace safer.

    Code : SCNTSC105
    Length : 
    Campus : Broadmeadows Campus, Broadmeadows Campus
  • HSR Refresher Occupational Health And Safety Training Course

    This WorkSafe approved HSR Refresher OHS Training Course is an opportunity for HSRs and Deputy HSRs to revisit aspects of the HSR Initial OHS Training Course in order to refresh their knowledge so that they may effectively represent their designated work group and help make their workplace safer.

    Code : SCNTCE18
    Length : 
    Campus : Broadmeadows Campus, Broadmeadows Campus
  • Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Safety

    Kangan Institute is offering a skill set in depowering and reinitialising battery electric vehicles, and inspecting and maintaining battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

    Participants will learn how to safely depower the vehicle’s high voltage rechargeable energy storage system (RESS) and separated extra low voltage (SELV) system, and to reinitialise the RESS and SELV confirming correct vehicle operation. In the second unit within this skill set, participants will learn the skills and knowledge required to inspect and maintain battery electric vehicles (BEVs), involving working with automotive electrical components, maintaining rechargeable energy storage systems (RESS), and performing basic tests on electric drive motors.

    Code : SCAEVTS
    Length : 
    Campus : Docklands (ACE)
  • VicRoads Administration

    The Administration course covers all the liabilities and responsibilities associated with being a Licensed Vehicle Tester or Signatory for Light, Heavy Vehicles or Motor Cycles. The course will cover how to correctly complete all of the documentation relevant to the position of Licensed Vehicle Tester or Signatory.

    Code : BKIVRADM
    Length : 
    Campus : Docklands (ACE)
  • VicRoads Heavy Bus Tester

    This Heavy Bus Tester course covers the accreditation component for participants to be aware of and understand their responsibilities in examining Large Buses (LB) More than 4.5 Tons in in accordance to VicRoads Requirements.

    This course also covers the Bus Technical Inspection component from the National Heavy Vehicle Inspection Manual (NHVIM).

    VicRoads Licensed Vehicle Tester Buses examiners will use the NHVIM to inspect and test a vehicle using the Bus Tester Examiner manual with the current equipment required under Licensed Vehicle Tester Licence conditions.

    Code : BKIVRHBT
    Length : 
    Campus : Broadmeadows Campus
  • VicRoads Light Vehicle Structural Awareness

    The Structural Awareness Course covers the knowledge and ability to identify and assess damage or sub-standard repairs, acceptable/unacceptable repairs on a vehicle presented to you to complete a roadworthy inspection (Light Vehicle).

    Reference and use the appropriate standards for assessing structural damage and repairs. Locate and complete all relevant documentation involved with structural assessment.

    Supply and interpret information to and from a vehicle repairer in relation to the structural repairs.

    Access the Personal Properties Security Register (PPSR) website for the purpose of checking the status (Written off or Stolen) of a vehicle presented for inspection.

    Code : BKIVRSA
    Length : 
    Campus : Docklands (ACE)
  • Police Entrance Exam Preparation

    Want to find out how to become a police officer?  Equip yourself with the confidence and skills needed to undertake your Victorian Police Entrance Exam and progress on your pathway to becoming a police officer. Revise skills and strategies in spelling, maths, reasoning ability, English and writing. No hassle application process with direct online applications to Kangan Institute. Course runs for 5 weeks ensuring that you're ready to take your exam sooner and move into police careers. This short course will enable you to the learn skills and techniques to assist you to confidently undertake the Victorian Police Entrance Examination prior to pursuing your career as a police officer. However it does not guarantee entry as you will need to meet other criteria specified by Victoria Police.

    Our course delivery features a combination of on-campus and remote (online) learning. This flexibility allows our students to continue to study in a safe, guided and supported manner.

    Flexible course details

    Monday, 10.00am-12:00pm, Tutorial Virtual classroom (ONLINE)

    Tuesday, 6.00pm-8.00pm, Math Virtual classroom (ONLINE)

    Wednesday, 6.00pm-8:00pm, English Virtual classroom (ONLINE)

    Code : B350AP01
    Length : 
    Campus : Broadmeadows Campus, Broadmeadows Campus

Frequently Asked Questions

Short courses are a cost and time effective way to help you gain new skills or try new things. 

Applicants must be at least 15 years of age.  However some courses have specific age requirements i.e. if applying for Responsible Serving of Alcohol, Gaming – Provide Responsible Gambling Services and Agent’s Representative Course applicants must be at least 18 years of age).

Some courses have eligibility and participant requirements. Please call us on 13TAFE or refer to the specific courses’ page online.  

Short courses may run for a couple of hours or six months depending on the type of program being offered. Please refer to the specific course for more information.

Short courses run throughout the year. Please refer to the specific course for more information.

Kangan Institute accepts payment of fees by cash, EFTPOS, cheque or credit card. You can pay online, in person, over the phone or send payment in the mail. 

Please note Diners and AMEX cards are not accepted. Cheques are to be made payable to Kangan Institute. Remember to print your name, address, phone number and course on the back of the cheque.

If you change your mind and wish to cancel your enrolment, any cancellations made within five working days of your course commencing will incur a $40 administration fee. Once your courses commence, requests for refunds/transfers of fees will not be accepted.

Courses with low enrolments may be cancelled or postponed. If this happens, you will be contacted at least 48 hours before the course commences by SMS or email and given a full refund.

Courses run across all Kangan Institute campuses. Please refer to the specific course for more information.