How to Apply and Entry Requirements


Kangan Institute offers a wide range of courses from English language programs to internationally recognised certificates, diplomas and advanced diplomas. For a list of the current courses available, view the latest course guide here.

The academic year usually commences in February and finishes in December. The year is divided into two semesters and four terms. All courses offered commence in February and some have additional intakes throughout the year. Classes are scheduled between 8am and 6.30pm. Some classes may require students to attend in the evening and on weekends.

Australia’s vocational education and training (VET) system is competency-based. Competency-based training is a method of delivery that focuses on the student’s ability to demonstrate the skills and knowledge to the standard required in the workplace.

Students will gain hands on skills by attending compulsory work placement where it is a requirement of the course such as health and community, or, in our purpose built state-of-the-art training facilities such as automotive and hospitality. You will be taught and guided by our extensively experience and supportive teachers to help you achieve your goal.

Kangan Institute does not charge an initial application fee. We will be the single point of contact for all your queries and will respond quickly when processing your application. Applications can be submitted directly to International Department (by mail, email or in person) or through an authorised education agent.

Important update

From 23 March 2024, the Genuine Student (GS) requirements and new English Language requirements will apply to student visa applications. All student visa applications submitted on or after this date will be assessed under the GS requirements.

International course pages on Holmesglen’s website are currently being updated to reflect the changes.

How to Apply

1.       Select Your Course (s)

Select the course(s) in which you are interested and ensure that you meet the entry requirements.

For a list of the current courses available, view the latest course guide here.

2.       Complete the Required Forms

Please ensure that you complete all sections, sign and date the required forms:

-  International Application Form

- International Eligibility Checklist Form

- International Student Financial Declaration Form

3.       Documentation

All documentation submitted with your application must be certified or attested.  A certified copy is a copy of the original document signed and dated by the organisation that issued the original document, a government office, Public Notary or Justice of the Peace, confirming that they have sighted the original.  Certification of the original documents can also be done by your education agent.

Applicants will need to provide the following:

-          Academic results and education certificates (if your documents are not in English they must be translated into English by an authorised person/organisation)

-          English language test score, if applicable

-          Passport pages with your details

-          Evidence of employment activities, if applicable

-          Current CoE (s), if applicable

-          Current visa label, if applicable


4.       Submit Your Application

To submit your application by email, scan and attach the International Student Application Form and attested copies of relevant documents to an email addressed to:

To submit hard copy of your application, you can take your application to your nearest education agent representing Kangan Institute. To find your closest agent, get in touch with Kangan Institute International at

5.       Notification

All applicants will receive written notification of the outcome of their application.  Applicants may be contacted to provide further information or documentation.

If successful, you will receive an Offer and Acceptance Agreement. It is important to read your Offer and Acceptance Agreement which includes a list of the terms and conditions, refund policy and payment instructions.

Applicants that do not meet all the entry requirements may be issued with a Conditional Offer and Acceptance Agreement which lists the conditions that applicants must satisfy prior to acceptance. 

6.       Accepting Your Offer

The following steps outline how to accept your offer:

·         Ensure all conditions outlined in the Offer and Acceptance Agreement are met, if applicable

·         Complete all sections of the Offer and Acceptance Agreement

·         Select a payment option and arrange payment

·         Provide evidence of payment

You can submit all pages of the completed Offer and Acceptance Agreement along with evidence of payment of fees via email or via your education agent.

7.       Payment of Fees

Payments can be made directly into Bendigo Kangan Institute’s bank account. Please include your reference number in the electronic transfer. You must provide evidence of payment when accepting your offer.

8.       Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)

The CoE will be issued once all the documentation is received and your payment is processed. Your CoE will be emailed to you or your education agent.

Your CoE is required to apply for your student visa.  Pease notify the International Department of your visa outcome either directly or via your education agent.

Entry Requirements

All courses have prerequisites that must be met by all applicants.  It is important that you check the prerequisites for your course before you apply.

Subject credits may be awarded to students who can supply evidence of successful completion of previous studies. These must be provided along with your application.

The main prerequisites include the following:


1.       Must be 18 years of age

International students applying to study at Kangan Institute must be 18 years of age to commence the course.


2.       Australian Year 12 or equivalent

The majority of courses require the successful completion of the Australian Year 12 or the equivalent overseas qualification.

You can view here for overseas equivalent qualifications.

Applicants who do not meet the academic prerequisites but have relevant work experience may apply for mature age entry.

If your qualification is not listed and you would like to know if you meet the minimum entry requirement please contract


3.       English

International students applying to Kangan Institute must provide evidence of their English language proficiency before they can be admitted into the course. The following table is a guide to acceptable forms of English language proficiency:

Please refer to the table below to find out what other English tests or qualifications are recognised to enter the program you are applying for.

Test QualificationsIELTS
Completion of The Gordon English Language placement test and scoring the relevant IELTS equivalentYesYesYesNoNo
TOEFL iBT35-4546-5960-7879-9394-101
PTE Academic3642505865
Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE)41-4647-5152-5758-6667-73
Australian Year 12 Certificate or qualification at Certificate IV or higher level completed in the last two yearsYesYesYesYesNo
At least one year of University studies in Australia in the last two yearsYesYesYesYesNo
Evidence of at least 5 years of studies in an English speaking country (Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada, USA, South Africa or Ireland)YesYesYesYesNo

Note: Your English test must be taken no more than two years before the course starts.

4.       Additional Entry Requirements

Some courses require additional entry criteria; you may need to provide the following:

·         Undertaking Kangan Institute’s BKSB LLN numeracy assessment

·         Attend an interview

·         A Victorian Police Check

·         An International Police Check

·         A Working With Children Check (WWC)

·         Requiring prescribed vaccinations

·         Demonstrating previous work experience


5.       Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)

The GTE requirement applies to all student visa applicants and is an integrity measure to ensure the student visa program is used as intended and not as a way for international students to maintain ongoing residency in Australia.

When assessing whether an applicant is a genuine temporary entrant, the Department of Home Affairs considers their circumstances as a whole. Ministerial Direction 69 sets out a number of factors that are taken into consideration in determine whether an applicant meets the GTE requirement. A broad summary of the factors taken into account include:

·         Circumstances in home country (or country of residence)

·         Potential circumstances in Australia

·         Value of the course to the applicant’s future

·         The applicant’s immigration history

Applicants are encouraged to provide evidence or information about:

·         Previous study

·         Gap in previous study

·         Current employment (if applicable)

·         Ties to home country or country of residence

·         Economic circumstances in home country or country of residence

When applying to Kangan Institute you may be asked to complete a Statement of Purpose (SOP) or the International Student Eligibility Checklist Form. This must be completed by the applicant providing as much details and supporting documents as possible. Your answers to the GTE criteria are very important and will have an impact on the outcome of your application, pleased ensure that you prepare this carefully.


6.       Financial Capacity

All applicants will need to demonstrate that they have enough money that is genuinely available to pay for course fees, travel and living costs for themselves and all accompanying family members while they are in Australia.

Kangan Institute may require applicants to complete a Financial Declaration and provide proof of funds during the assessment.