Automotive Centre of Excellence

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The ACE (Automotive Centre of Excellence) is a dedicated training facility designed to click your automotive career into gear.
Since its inception, the ACE has undergone a number of innovations and developments, namely new workshop spaces, a world-class vehicle testing facility and a purpose-built auto electrical lab.

Beyond the numerous awards the facility has received, the ACE has been designed with one specific purpose – to equip you with the best possible level of knowledge about the intricacies of automotive and the pathways to achieving your dream role.

By operating at the ACE, Kangan Institute provides you with:

  • An integrated learning approach to streamline your development
  • Access to innovations and wide range of crucial resources
  • Dedicated networks within the industry.

You can find out more about our ACE facility here.

What we do at the ACE

Many of Kangan Institute’s alumni have found outstanding success within the automotive field.

The benefits of the ACE are numerous, including outstanding tutelage, excellent facilities and a hands-on approach.

You’ll also find an array of courses to choose from, all of which have national accreditation and place the future of automotive within excellent young hands.

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