Eligibility for government subsidised training & concessions

Eligibility for Government Subsidised Training

Generally, you are eligible for a government-subsidised training place if you are:

  • an Australian citizen
  • an Australian Permanent Resident (holder of a permanent visa)
  • a New Zealand citizen

    and are any of the following:
  • under 20 years of age
  • seeking to enrol in a Foundation Skills List course (and do not hold a Diploma or above qualification or are receiving core skills training in other sectors)
  • seeking to enrol in VCE or VCAL
  • seeking to enrol in an apprenticeship
  • 20 years and older and ‘upskilling’ by seeking to enrol in a course at a higher level than your existing qualification.

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If you are enrolled at a school, you will not be able to receive a government-subsidised training place for a course through the Victorian Training Guarantee, unless you are undertaking the course as part of a School-Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship. The Government supports schools in other ways to offer vocational training to their students, so you should discuss all your options with your school.

How many courses am I eligible for?

You are eligible to commence a maximum of two subsidised courses at the same qualification level in your lifetime. This restriction applies whether or not you complete the courses. For example, this means if you have already commenced two courses at the Certificate III level, you may only commence courses at the Certificate IV level (or above).

This restriction does not apply to courses on the Foundation Skills List or to students recommencing training in the same qualification (at the same or a different provider).

Under exceptional circumstances students may apply for an exemption to the rule allowing only two commencements at the same level, enabling them to enrol in a further qualification at the same level. See the Frequently Asked Questions for information about this. No exemptions are available for any other eligibility criteria.

In addition, eligible students can begin up to two subsidised courses in a year as long as you are not doing any more than two courses at a time.


If you are seeking to enrol in an apprenticeship (not a traineeship) and you have already commenced two courses in that same year, you will be eligible for government subsidised training under Skills First if either of the two courses you previously commenced are included on the Higher Education and Skills Pre-Apprenticeship and Pathway qualifications list.

Eligibility for Concession Fees

Important information for TAFE fee concessions

If you are a vocational education student, you may be entitled to a concession on your fees if you are in a government funded place and you meet the eligibility criteria. In general, you are eligible if you have a valid concession card issued by Centrelink and presented at the time of enrolment. A card is deemed to be valid where the card start date is before or on your first scheduled class. You must present the original of your valid concession card when you enrol. If you have applied for, but not received, your concession card then you are permitted to present a letter from Centrelink called ‘Confirmation of Concession Card Entitlement’ that confirms you have submitted your application and been approved for your concession card. This letter from Centrelink must be presented at the time of your enrolment.

How much you will pay

If your tuition fee concession application is successful, your concession fee will be charged at 20% of the government funded tuition rate for your program.

Eligibility criteria and supporting documentation

The eligibility criteria for a TAFE fee concession are set by the Victorian Government and assessed by the Institute in accordance with government directives. These eligibility criteria and directives are subject to change at any time.
Students are eligible for a TAFE fee concession if they:

  • are enrolled into Certificate I to Certificate IV courses
  • hold a valid Concession/Pension card issued by Centrelink or are named on a Concession/Pension card as a dependent child/spouse.

Students are ineligible for a TAFE fee concession if they:

  • are enrolled in a Diploma or Advanced Diploma
  • are enrolled in a full fee place or international full fee place.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in a government funded place will continue to be eligible to access concession at all program levels (including diploma, advanced diploma, vocational graduate certificate and vocational graduate diploma programs).
Documentation required to support your application: if you have a valid Commonwealth Health Care, Pensioner or Veteran’s Gold card, the original or a certified copy of the relevant cards must be provided. If you do not have one of these cards, or your card is not valid, please select concession category – Aboriginal/ Torres Strait Islander without concession card, on the form.

When to apply

You must apply (on your enrolment form) for fee concession with all supporting documentation prior to commencement of training (first scheduled class). No applications will be accepted after this date. Information on class start dates is available from your Teaching Department.
Please note: Submission of the fee concession request does not guarantee that a concession fee will be approved. You will be notified by the Institute if your application is unsuccessful and you are not eligible for a fee concession, in which case you will remain liable for full tuition fees if you do not withdraw from the program prior to your first class census date/or within 28 days of your first class, in the relevant term.

How to apply

  • You must apply for concession for each new teaching period ie semester or when your concession status changes.
  • Complete of the Fee Concession on the Enrolment form for the program in which you are seeking a concession.
  • Before your first scheduled class present your original and a photocopy of your valid concession card (or letter confirming eligibility from Centrelink) as well as any other documentation which will support your application at the Customer Service Centre at your relevant campus location

If you cannot present a valid and current concession card at your enrolment or before your classes start you will be charged the non-concession fee. Call 13 TAFE (8233) or visit a Customer Service Centre at your campus if you would like further information.

Full Fee

If you are not eligible for government-subsidised training you will pay the full fee listed on the respective course page. In addition you will need to pay the Student Services Fee of up to $200 and any applicable materials and consumables fees.