Flexible Learning at Kangan Institute

Flexible Learning provides you with the option to study at Kangan Institute utilising our Online Resource Centre.

Flexible learning is a great option if you;

  •  can’t attend full-time classes due to work
  •  have location and transportation difficulties
  •  have family commitments.

It enables you to access courses from different locations and during time periods that complement your lifestyle.

Flexible Learning allows you to:

  • study even if can’t attend full-time classes due to work
  • enrol in an individual study program any time throughout the year
  • enrol in one or more subjects, or in a whole course
  • manage your own learning program, progress at your own rate and negotiate when you are ready for assessment
  • study part-time or full-time depending on their home or work commitments
  • study at home or use the facilities available at the campus.

Plus, once your course is completed, you'll have access to pathways to higher education and possible exemption/entry in tertiary education.

What Courses are Available Through Flexible Learning?

We have a full range of different courses under almost all of our disciplines that have Flexible Study options. We encourage you to browse through and find a course which suits you.

What Support will I get with my Flexible Learning studies?

There are a number of benefits for those of you who select flexible learning:

  • helps you identify and set goals
  • helps you to develop skills in time management, research and new learning technologies
  • provides weekly support on specific subject content
  • monitors your progress (you may need to negotiate meeting times every two to four weeks)
  • addresses issues such as motivation and study difficulties
  • helps you to consider any personal issues that may be interfering with your study
  • keeps copies of your learning plan and record notes from any contacts you may have.

To find out whether the course you are interested in is available through Flexible Learning, feel free to contact 13 TAFE (138233) or send an email to our Contact Centre. Learn How to apply.