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McIntyre Marino Project – Capsule Collection Design

Students from Kangan Institute’s Advanced Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Merchandising course (MST60119), undertook research in the McIntyre Merino brand and design of their capsule collection with the brand’s aesthetic in mind. All 18 students of unit MSTFD6001 Evaluate commercial viability of designs presented to representatives of McIntyre Merino.

Following the presentations, McIntyre Merino select one design and then work alongside the selected BKI students to make a prototype of a selected design, which can range from any knit, top or pant, at Kangan Institutes Fashion Hub based in Cremorne.

The Fashion Hub then facilitates cost of the prototype including yarn.

This prototype, once perfected and approved by McIntyre Merino, will be produced at the Fashion Hub and form part of the range to be sold by McIntyre Merino via their retail avenues for the Season. McIntyre Merino will pay for the total production costs.

McIntrye Marino’s contribution to students

This amazing opportunity for students allows them to receive first hand insight to the McIntyre Marino brand and gives them first hand industry experience. Gaining familiarity with presenting design presentations and liaising with a name fashion brand, these skills will become essential to students as they chase their aspirations and look to entrench themselves in the fashion sector.

The selected designs created in collaboration with students and McIntrye Marino go into retail production and will be appropriately acknowledged by the brand, providing student exposure.

Ali Hawli – Winner of McIntyre Marino Project

Ali Hawli – Winner of McIntyre Marino Project To be chosen to have my design created as part of an established brands collection was an incredible honour.
The class was asked to design six looks for the McIntyre brand keeping in mind their customer, vibe, colours etc. These were eventually culled into one hero look and my design caught their attention as it was a slightly different version of what they would usually make and they really loved the look of it.

I am thrilled to now, be able to go through the journey of creating this look with them. I will be at all meetings with the brand, including going to Kangan’s Fashion Hub where the dress will be manufactured and talking with the knit machine programmer to discuss the best way to manufacturer the dress.

I will also get to discuss colours and final touches of the garment. This is an especially special experience as it gives me firsthand experience in manufacturing for the public and seeing the whole process from me designing to seeing the sample come out.

I am forever grateful to have studied at Kangan and have the opportunity to work in industry collaborations like this one.

Jasmine Galanakis - Involved in McIntyre Marino Project

This was an amazing project that I am very thankful was put in at the very end of my course. In my entire studies here at Kangan, I never thought I would be given the opportunity to learn about knitwear from scratch. Although, the knitwear project was not as long, I do believe I now have a better understanding of the knitwear industry.

As not having worked with knitwear before, I believe this was such a beneficial project as I was able to step outside my comfort zone and work with fabrics that I’m not familiar with. I really enjoyed completing 2 presentations face to face with McIntyre and I was able to receive advice of what would work and what wouldn’t, and the ideas I could implement to change the idea of the design. I received great feedback that I found very beneficial which I took on board and presented in my final presentation. At the very beginning I had no idea what was on trend and what to design. I decided to have a look at what the brand has to offer currently and what they r missing.

That gave me a better understanding of what the brand is about and what they were looking for. From there I browsed through Pinterest and WGSN to see what trends were hitting the market currently.

Next, I took a closer look at what the brand was missing and didn’t have introduced yet. For example, the mini skirt was something that I didn’t see introduced to their brand therefore I thought this was be a great feature and benefit for the brand themselves.

I also added an additional longer length skirt that finishes just below the knee which is perfect for winter.
As I noticed the brand specialises in plain, and solid colours rather than different patterns on their garments, I wanted to create something that was unique and different therefore I decided to add 2 stripes and repeat this ‘pattern’ throughout every garment to make them look as one cohesive collection. The black stripe is featured in every garment and does not change and it only acts as an accent colour to the pieces.

Lastly I had matched it with a cardigan and added an additional sleeveless sweater that can go all together as a 3-piece set.
Finally, I gathered inspiration from the Amalfi coast in Italy and stepped into the world of colour and based my shades off from there.