Kangan, First Choice for School Leavers

With more than 30,000 enrolments every year, we are the provider of choice for thousands of students who know that great futures start at TAFE.
Here’s seven reasons why we’re a smart first choice for all school leavers.

Smoother transition

With a relaxed atmosphere, small classes and individualised attention, TAFE provides an environment where students can build their study skills, develop industry knowledge and boost their confidence before going on to university.

Easier entry

TAFE selection requirements are different to university. We don’t base our selection on ATAR scores and we don’t require students to have completed certain secondary school subjects as prerequisites.

Guaranteed university pathways

Our partnerships with some of Australia’s leading universities provide our graduating students with guaranteed entry when they enrol in a degree. Many of our graduates are also able to gain credits towards a university degree.

Save money*

Students may be able to save money by replacing a year at university with a year at TAFE. For example, through one of our guaranteed university pathway partnerships some Diploma graduates can earn eight credit points towards their degree - that's equivalent to a full year's worth of university fees.

Start earning sooner

Students can complete a nationally recognised Diploma at TAFE in as little as 6 - 12 months . They can then use their TAFE qualification to secure a job in their chosen field (often earning better money than a casual job) and study part-time to complete a degree at university.

Improved employment prospects

If students complete a TAFE course and then go onto university, they’ll end up with two qualifications. They’ll have a mix of practical and theoretical knowledge which is highly regarded by many employers.

Study locally

If students don’t live nearby to a university, commuting or relocating can be expensive. Spending some time studying at their local TAFE can be more affordable.

* The potential to save money will vary according to an individual student's circumstances and the course they chose to study.