Adam Jeffs

Certificate III in Hospitality (Commercial Cookery)

When he was halfway through Year 11, Adam Jeffs decided he wanted to study cooking and started an apprenticeship during year 12. TAFE classes at Kangan Institute were an eye-opener, Adam says, bringing him the experience of the quality and creativity of good cooking.

He was worked in a family restaurant, and while it wasn't exactly gourmet cooking, he did learn to work at fast pace in hot conditions, and is grateful for the experience Adam has moved up and is now head chef at Chartreuse in Niddrie. He appreciates the good food that the kitchen produces, using the finest of ingredients for the dishes.

In 2005, Adam was awarded the Kangan Institute's Apprentice of the Year title. Adam says it's a pleasure to have to study the food, wine and cheese industries as part of your course. 'There is so much more to learn,' says Adam, 'and all of it will one day lead to owning my own restaurant or perhaps a boutique hotel.'