David Bentley

Diploma of Sustainability

I have completed the Diploma of Sustainability and my experience in studying at Kangan Institute has been a delight.

I undertook this course as part of my workplace's environmental and sustainability strategies. The organisation I work with received accreditation to ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) in late 2010 and saw the enormous potential benefits from having a full-time position focused on this vital area.

As one of the team of personnel that developed and implemented the EMS, I agreed to participate in the Diploma of Sustainability to learn the techniques for developing cost reduction strategies via improved resource management, waste management and reduction programs, efficiency improvements, sustainable work practices and reductions in the environmental impact from the operations of the company.

This diploma course was also a personal opportunity to gain a formal qualification to supplement the hands-on experience gained from the implementation of the EMS; an area that is playing an ever-increasingly important role in most organisations.

My learning experience at Kangan Institute has been most enjoyable. I found the subject of sustainability to be interesting and relevant to the role I was doing and I felt that the deliverables of the course created a real ability to have some positive impact on the environment, no matter how small.

If many more people participated in a course like this, the combined improvements across manufacturing would be far more significant.

What I appreciated most about my experience at Kangan Institute was the highly professional delivery of the course by a group of very knowledgeable personnel who showed obvious enthusiasm for the subject. My teachers John, Jo and Tony were easily able to gain the sustained attention of the course participants through their enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject and did not simply theorise but passed on practical initiatives that could be used straightaway to identify, develop and implement real improvements and benefits.

It was quite refreshing to be able to use the knowledge gained from the course immediately upon returning to work. The individual subjects were delivered in such a practical way that the new techniques and systems could be implemented fairly quickly to identify and develop the strategies to improve the operations of the company, particularly in the critical area of sustainability.

Overall, the decision to undertake this diploma course has been very rewarding. The company recognises the extreme importance of the environment and sustainability and the vital role that these areas will play for all organisations in the future. As a consequence, the company has appointed me to the newly created role of Environmental/OH&S Manager.

The Diploma of Sustainability qualification course has certainly assisted the company to fill this position internally and will gain the benefits from doing so with myself who now possesses both the qualification and the hands-on experience in the company and the industry.

Overall, my experience at Kangan Institute has been extremely enlightening and I would recommend others to study there without hesitation.