Luke Evans

Certificate III in Automotive (Mechanical-Heavy Vehicle Road Transport)

Luke Evans from Boolarra in Gippsland, chose to travel to Kangan Institute although he could have done his training locally, because he saw the possibilities of more in-depth study in the largest automotive training facility in Victoria.

'I knew four or five people in the Latrobe Valley who had trained with Kangan Institute, and all of them recommended it,' he said.

Growing up with a father who owned a truck, Luke had a good start in making career plans. 'I always wanted to play with cars and trucks and pull things apart,' he says. 'The trouble came when I tried to put them back together.'

Now, he has less trouble, and he praises Kangan Institute's automotive teachers for the 'extraordinary depth' of their knowledge about heavy vehicles, which made his TAFE training a real pleasure.

Luke still lives in the small country town where he grew up, and travels to work each day at Hazelwood, where his employer Stewart Douglas Trucking is a private contractor for a coal mining company.