Michelle Orec

Certificate III in General Education for Adults

Michelle Orec is a shining example of the difference education can make to a person's life.

When she initially began her Certificate III in General Education for Adults, Michelle was unsure her ability to learn. By the end of her course a metamorphosis had taken place. Michelle became a confident empowered student with a passion for knowledge.

Michelle was constantly inspiring and encouraging the other students in her class. She showed incredible dedication to all of her assignments and course work.

Michelle was also looking after her young son and providing support to other members of her family who were experiencing a particularly stressful time. However this never affected Michelle's commitment to study.

'Before I began studying I had very low self esteem, but I have found the teachers at Kangan Institute to be inspirational, their confidence and belief in me helped me not to give up. My spelling and maths has improved, I can now use programs like Microsoft Word, and I can write essays!' she said.

Michelle is thinking about further study at Kangan Institute. 'Next year, I'd like to do Year 12 or to go straight into fashion design,' she said.