Yeon Leslie

Diploma of Community Welfare Work

Yeon Leslie has a fascinating personal story and is a real example of how vocational education makes a difference not just in the lives of individual students but for whole community.

Yeon worked as a mathematics teacher in South Korea before moving to Australia in 2000. Despite her limited English skills and lack of family support and social network, Yeon's passion to help people meant she never let obstacles like this stand in her way.

Working as a volunteer in the community and welfare area while studying a Diploma of Community Welfare Work has not only given Yeon valuable experience but increased self esteem.

'The value of volunteers is often overlooked but it is very important. Volunteers help a lot of people and through volunteering I learnt new skills as well as gaining confidence in myself,' Yeon said.

All of Yeon's course work has always been of a high standard and her participation and interaction in class and with her peers has made a definite impact.

Because of a lack of official research on the topic, Yeon may be the first Korean welfare worker for her local Korean community. Yeon is passionate about extending services for Korean people in Australia, and plans to study a degree in social work to further develop her skills.