Frequently Asked Questions - Agents | Kangan Institute

Entry Requirements

Q. What are the course entry requirements at Kangan Institute?
A. Students must meet the academic, English language and other requirements of their preferred course of study. View the international course guide to view courses available, and the entry requirements for these courses.

Kangan Institute may also require a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) assessment. Information regarding GTE requirements may be found on the Department of Home Affairs website.

Q. What are the English language requirements for courses at Kangan Institute?
A. The English language requirement may vary depending on the program. View the English language proficiency requirements listed in the equivalency table for more information.

For Student Visa Assessment level 1 and 2 applicants applying for VET courses, a Kangan Institute placement test may also be an acceptable form of English language evidence.

If your client wants to improve their English for a variety of reasons, they also have the option of packaging ELICOS with one of our VET courses. The Kangan Institute English Language Centre provides courses in General English, English for Academic Purposes (EAP) and IELTS Preparation.

Q. Do I need an English test if my first language is English?
A. If your main language is English, we can waive the English requirements subject to the country you are from and the passport you currently hold. You may also be requested to provide evidence of English as primary language.

Q. What are the academic requirements for courses at Kangan Institute?
A. The minimum academic requirement for most courses at Kangan Institute is the successful completion of studies equivalent to Australian Year 12. You can check the equivalent of Australian Year 12 in your client's country via the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority.

If your client does not meet the minimum academic entry requirement, they can provide evidence of any work experience or further activities related to their chosen course to the International Admissions Team for assessment.

How to Apply

Q. How do I know if my client is an international applicant and is eligible to study a course at Kangan Institute?
A. International students are those who will be studying in Australia on a student visa, with the exception of ELICOS students who can study on a different temporary visA. If you need assistance to check your client's eligibility to study one of our courses, please contact the International Admissions team.

Q. Does Kangan Institute accept international students under the age of 18?
A. Your client must be 18 years of age at the time of their course commencement.

Q. What is the process to apply at Kangan Institute?
A. Once your client has decided on a course, the next step is to complete the International Student Application Form with all the required supporting documents. These must then be sent via email to the International Admissions Team. There is no charge for submitting an application for admission.

Q. What kind of supporting documents does my client need to provide?
A. Kangan Institute requires the following documents for applications for admissions:

  • Certified copy of the passport
  • Certified copies of transcript records and a completion certificate equivalent to Australian Year 12 in English

A certified copy of a document is a photocopy of the original, certified as a true copy by an authorised person or the agent.

If applicable, applicants must also provide certified copies of:

  • Evidence of English Language proficiency
  • International Student Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • International Student Financial Declaration Form
  • Evidence of their course enrolments in Australia

If further documents are required, the International Admissions Team will contact you by email.

Q. My client is currently enrolled with another provider and wishes to transfer to Kangan Institute. What is the process to apply?
A. Once your client has decided on a course, the next step is to complete the International Student Application Form. In addition with the required supporting documents, please send these via email to International Admissions Team.

In accordance with the National Code of 2018, if your client has not completed at least 6 months of their principal course, they will need to be released from their original provider. Transfer request outcomes must be recorded in the Provider Registration and International Student Management System (PRISMS) before Kangan Institute can confirm their enrolment.

Q. How can my client apply for credit recognition?
A. When submitting an application, indicate in the email that your client seeks credit recognition. The application must include certified copies of the transcript of records, completion certificates and evidence of work experience for assessment.

Q. Does Kangan Institute offer scholarships?
A. Kangan Institute does not have any scholarships available for international students.

Q. Does Kangan Institute offer payment plans?
A. Depending on the program, international students can pay their course fees every term.

Q. Does Kangan Institute have Pathways Partners?
A. Kangan Institute does not have Pathways Partners at the moment. Please visit Pathways Partners on our website for more information and notification about future pathway opportunities.

Accepting Your Offer

Q. When will my client receive the Letter of Offer?
A. The letter of offer is issued within 1-2 business days upon receiving the required documents and completion of assessment, which may include a GTE interview. Delays may occur during peak periods and office closure during the Christmas-New Year period.

Q. Can my client change courses even after receiving a Letter of Offer?
A. Your client will need to complete a new Kangan Institute Application Form.

Q. How can my client accept their Letter of Offer?
A. Your client may receive a conditional or unconditional letter of offer.

For conditional letters of offer, refer to the conditions and assist your client to meet those conditions before accepting the offer.

For unconditional letters of offer, your client will need to sign the course acceptance agreement and pay the deposit required for acceptance indicated in the letter of offer.

Email the signed course acceptance agreement together with the evidence of payment to the International Admissions team.

Q. When will my client receive the Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)?
A. The CoE is issued within 1-2 business days upon receiving the course acceptance agreement signed by your client and the evidence of payment. Delays may occur during peak periods and office closure during the Christmas-New Year period.

Q. Overseas Health Cover (OSHC)
A. Kangan Institute can organise OSHC for your client through Allianz Global Assistance. The fee for OSHC is included in the offer letter and must be paid upon acceptance. Once the policy has been organised, details regarding the policy will be emailed to your client's personal email address.

Q. Orientation and enrolment information
A. Details of the orientation are in the offer letter and attendance is compulsory. Kangan Institute's International Student Services team will also send an email to all enrolled students and to your client's email address a few days prior to Orientation Day.

During Orientation Day, students will be able to enrol into the program and into the units. They will also receive their timetable as well as a list of materials required for the course.

Students will also be advised on how to obtain a Kangan Institute student ID card.

Q. Deferring, withdrawing, suspending and changing courses
A. Students can contact the International Students Services team should they wish to make amendments to their enrolment.

Q. Who can my client contact at Kangan Institute?
A. If your client has questions regarding an application please contact the International Admissions Team at

If your client has already commenced the course and needs assistance, please contact the International Student Services Team.