International Student Support Services

Student support



Kangan Institute has a range of Student Support services available to ensure that all students feel at ease throughout every aspect of their studies. They are available across all campuses and free for all students.

All support staff are highly qualified and experienced in their areas of expertise.

In addition Kangan Institute has a dedicated International Student Liaison Officer who visits all campuses and helps you with enquiries about your visa, COE, student support or anything else that you may need assistance with!


Kangan Institute employs qualified counsellors who provide confidential help with study or personal problems.

Counselling can help you:

  • Adjust to life as a student
  • Deal with challenges along the way and succeed in your course.

Our services are:

  • Available at all campuses
  • Confidential and private
  • Free.

All counsellors are experienced and are registered psychologists. Telephone counselling is also available if necessary.


Counselling is confidential. Nothing you say to a counsellor will be disclosed to a third party without your consent. Although counsellors do sometimes speak about their work in professional contexts to other counsellors, this is for the purpose of reviewing the counsellor's work. These counsellors are also bound to confidentiality.

Usually only the first name is used in order to protect the person's privacy.

Exceptions to confidentiality

When a counsellor believes that your life or someone else's life is at risk, they are permitted to breach confidentiality.

In this case, the counsellor will usually tell you of their concern and what they intend to do. The counsellor may need to contact other health professionals and/or your family depending on the nature of the risk.

Feel free to ask your counsellor any questions you may have.

To make an appointment:
Phone: 03 9279 2511

International Student Liaison Officers

In addition to Kangan Institute's free Student Support and Recreation Service, International Student Liaison Officers attend to the welfare needs solely of international students. Liaison Officers visit international students on all campuses every week, listening to their concerns, offering counselling and linking students to the services they need.

When students first arrive in Melbourne their needs vary widely. This often includes:

  • Accommodation assistance
  • Personal safety advice
  • Discovering where to buy foods they like
  • Learning how to use public transport
  • Understanding Australian customs
  • Coping with loneliness and homesickness.

Liaison Officers spend time with international students to help them to settle comfortably and safely in Melbourne, and prepare for life as a student at Kangan Institute.

Our students quickly understand that if they have a concern or a problem, no matter how big or small, the first person they can call is one of our International Student Liaison Officers.

Language Support

Having trouble writing essays? Need to brush up on grammar and spelling?

Kangan Institute offers free language support for enrolled students. Working with small groups of students, our staff will help you develop:

  • Writing skills for essays and reports
  • Grammar and spelling
  • Study skills
  • Speaking skills

For further information, contact the International Department on +61 3 9279 2631.

Careers and Employment

Kangan Institute offers a specialist employment service for international students to help them find employment while living and studying in Australia.

The service also acts as a recruitment service for employers. The employment service will enhance your chances of finding employment while studying in Australia and help you gain valuable employment experience.

The service has a specific focus on providing assistance with all aspects of finding employment including:

  • Resume workshops
  • Assistance with application letters and selection criteria
  • Job search assistance and advice
  • Coaching and guidance on how to approach employers
  • Access to vacancies advertised through the centre
  • Free job search resources
  • Industry-specific employment advice
  • Providing advice and assistance about how to find work in Australia
  • Workshops on Australian workplace culture
  • Interview preparation and assistance

Our recruitment service for employers is used by more than a thousand businesses who advertise jobs for Kangan Institute students. The service advertises a range of positions including part-time, holiday and seasonal work.

International students can access our employment service at various Kangan Institute campuses, making it easy for you to access vacancies while you study.