Career Advice for Graduates in 2022

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Last Updated: 13 Jan 2022
Career Advice for Graduates in 2017

As a student, the graduation period is one filled with excitement and anticipation. During this phase of transition, it is extremely important to instil good practices, setting yourself up for success later on. Even though you may go a different way in life, the skills you acquire and the people you meet will be what open doors in the future.

For the students of 2022, the future is bright. Although there are clear obstacles to finding work, there are many opportunities that you can take advantage of. We have accumulated the best career advice for graduates, helping you get ahead and start planning your career and the industry you are passionate about.

Select an industry you’re passionate about

More often than not, high schools and institutions are pushing young people towards a future that is financially secure. While your potential salary should play a part in your career, this shouldn’t be the deciding factor. Research shows those who make this a deciding factor do not last long in these positions, because no smart company will keep someone around if they are just there to make money.

Employers value an employee who is passionate and driven about their work; someone who goes above and beyond to accomplish things for the organisation. Life is too short to settle for a career you hate, so ensure you are passionate about the next steps you take after graduation.

Career Advice for Graduates in 2017

Take risks early on

When you’re just starting out, there are so many opportunities to take risks. Taking these leaps early and often will put yourself in a position to learn and get ahead. Whether you succeed or fail, taking a risk will be an extremely helpful learning curve, proving to those around you that you’re willing to make things happen. As we evolve into a greater entrepreneurial society, those that take risks in life and work will come out on top.


The importance of successful networking is something that is constantly touched on to graduates. Networking is one of the most successful personal marketing tools you can have, constantly working to make connections and relationships with those around you. During your school life, you are often plugged into technology, neglecting to see the importance of making in-person relationships. The ability to communicate will always be valued in companies, so taking the time to make connections and build enduring, mutually beneficial relationships will never go unnoticed.

Find a mentor

Throughout your networking endeavours, you may come across someone that is living your desired lifestyle. Selecting a mentor can be a difficult process, however it is definitely a rewarding one. Finding someone who you can support and who has the time to support you can be one of the most valuable tools as a young professional.

Finding someone in your industry that is living the lifestyle that you dream of, means they can give you fundamental tips and advice on how to get to their level of success. Not only this, but you will have access to the brains of someone working in the industry, allowing you to ask questions about what life is like in the working world. This may help you decide whether this path is the right one for you, or whether it’s just good on paper.

Learn as much as you can

Upon graduation, the last thing you may want is to return to studying. However, you need to work hard to put yourself in a better position for the future. If your aim is to work in an education-based industry, you need to realise the bigger picture. Instead of jumping straight into the workplace, consider furthering your education. Completing a TAFE course or short course could be the thing that sets you apart. As a recent graduate, you can never know enough. Studying now can pay off later in life and you will be thankful for the decision you made.