Reasons You Should Consider a Career in Engineering

Kangan Institute Blog Reasons You Should Consider a Career in Engineering

Last Modified: 17th Nov 2021
Reasons You Should Consider a Career in Engineering

From energy and mechanics to biology and computer science, engineering is one of the most diverse industries in the world. For the right people, it promises a stable job and income, creativity, and career progression.

At Kangan Institute, we offer a range of TAFE courses in engineering that provides students with the certificate and qualification they need to forge a rewarding career. Considering a career in a progressive industry? Here are some great reasons to consider a career in engineering.

Career Options

When it comes to choosing the right engineering career path, it can be a little daunting. However, the path you choose depends on the industry you would like to work in. Many engineers decide to specialise in one field, which means each discipline requires a different set of skills.

With so many engineering fields, how do you choose the right engineering career pathway for you? The diverse range of directions can be overwhelming. It’s important to start by deciding if you’re interested in specialising or would prefer a TAFE course that will allow you to work in various positions before honing your technical expertise.

When looking at where to start, a TAFE course will open up a rewarding career for you no matter which direction you choose. You could study a Certificate II In Engineering Pathways (MEM20413) to gain a broad knowledge of the industry.

Many highly qualified engineers will complete a university degree as further study. However, a TAFE course can offer you a fantastic way into the industry as a technician or associate. Eventually, you might decide to further your studies and become:

  • A chemical engineer
  • A civil engineer
  • An electrical/electronic engineer
  • An environmental engineer
  • A mechanical engineer
  • A mining engineer

Keep in mind that within each of these main disciplines, there are various branches of engineering you can become involved in, that lead you to a range of industries, from telecommunications and pharmaceuticals to mining and information technology.

Travel Opportunities

Engineers are in high demand across the country and around the world. Once you start your career, you might be surprised at the lifestyle opportunities it affords. Depending on what industry you head into, you may have to work on sites far away from home, or even permanently relocate. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, you should consider a career in engineering. It’s best to do your research and discover which fields offer the right kind of opportunities for you. For example, engineers working in oil and gas generally need to be globally mobile, which means travelling is simply part of the job.

Reasons You Should Consider a Career in Engineering

Great Compensation

It’s no secret that the average salary for an engineer is among the highest in Australia – particularly for those working in remote regions. The level of skill needed to handle specialist equipment, solve complex problems, and design comprehensive systems mean the demand for people with engineering skills is high.

Science and technology are progressing at a rapid pace. This makes engineering not just an exciting industry to be in, but also a very financially stable one, with plenty of opportunities to work and advance your career.

Changing the World

Not many professions can make such big claims. However, society is always evolving its infrastructure, products, technological systems, and public services. Everywhere you look you can see examples of engineering making a positive difference to everyday life. There will always be a need for skilled people to tackle the complex tasks that face governments and economies every day. Through a TAFE course, it’s our aim to equip you with the right tools to help you do this.

Constant Challenges

One of the main reasons to be an engineer is the challenge. In most industries, engineers are required to use science, technology, mathematics, creativity, logic and problem-solving skills on a daily basis. You will need to come up with simple solutions to complex problems and to maintain, improve and create important systems. No matter what engineering path you choose to pursue, you’re not likely to see many dull days.

For people with a love of science, technology and hands-on work, the reasons to be an engineer are clear. To get ahead in the industry, you will need to have certain skills and a genuine passion for the work. Enrolling in a TAFE course offers a great way to this exciting and progressive industry, opening up doors to a number of related fields.

Engineering courses at Kangan Institute are nationally recognised. Once completed, you will gain skills and potential employment in fabrication, welding, tool making, design and drafting, robotics, laboratory work and many more areas.

You can find out about all our engineering courses here, call us on 138 233 or apply online today.