Reasons to Develop a Career in Travel and Tourism

Reasons to Develop a Career in Travel and Tourism

The World Travel and Tourism Council’s latest annual research shows the travel and tourism industry contribution to the world gross domestic product grew (GDP) for the sixth consecutive year in 2015, rising to a total of 9.8% of the world GDP. Currently supporting 284 million in employment, this sector is expected to perform at a solid growth rate and outperform global economic growth. Over the next ten years, the travel and tourism industry’s current growth rates are predicted to grow 4% annually.

The travel and tourism industry encompass several types of careers from service to executive positions. There are also many different sectors available to work in, such as planning events for travellers, operating tours and booking travel arrangements.

The travel and tourism industry is involved in and influences everyone’s life on a daily basis. This industry generates a great amount of spending, jobs, income and federal, state and local tax revenues in destinations ranging from rural villages to cosmopolitan cities.

Although the duties and daily tasks of these jobs can vary, they all will usually require good customer service, communication skills and the ability to work well with others. If you have a passion for travel and you like to help others, then a job in the travel and tourism industry could be the perfect career for you.

Get Started

For those people who start their career in the travel and tourism industry, if you’re enthusiastic and driven advancement is often faster and easier than in other sectors. The potential to kick start your career and begin to climb the career ladder quickly is within reach.

Reasons to Develop a Career in Travel and Tourism

Learning Potential

Working within the industry is the best way to develop in depth travel and tourism knowledge which could include gaining local travel knowledge, learning about different cultures and nationalities and finding the perfect travel destinations when it’s time to take your much deserved break.

Ethical Benefits

It is important you stay true to your ethics. The tourism industry has an incredible economic value for a country’s economy and people, and also hugely benefits local communities through the creation of jobs with fair wages without exploiting the local community and environment.

Tourism is a Growth Industry

The Australian tourism industry is one of the country’s greatest strengths, according to the Minister of Trade and Investment, who said, ‘it is our largest services industry export, earning $26 billion a year.” To help further enhance your career prospects, the Australian government has also launched the Tourism Employment Plan Guide and a new Tourism Employment Plan Advisory Service, to help the travel and tourism industry overcome regional labour and skills shortages.

The travel industry is one of the most competitive and innovative industries in the world with international destinations all competing to be top of the list. This competition allows for new creative ideas and services are constantly being developed to keep up with tourist’s needs in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Career Choices

The career prospects in the travel and tourism industry are fantastic and offer endless opportunities to those driven to succeed. There are a wide range of jobs available in a variety of sectors including Travel Agencies, Travel Wholesalers, Visitor Information Centres, Tour Operators, Cruising, Transport, Events and Tourism Services. There is a job opportunity to suit everyone in the tourism industry and this allows you to work in any kind of place or climate, whether it be a routine 9-5 job or a role that requires you to travel regularly to keep things spontaneous and interesting.

Get Certified

Obtaining the right qualifications for a travel and tourism related job can help start or continue a career in this field. If you dream of a career opportunity on a global scale then our Diploma of Travel and Tourism is your passport to one of the fastest growing and most exciting industries. You will gain the knowledge and skills to coach others in job skills, develop and implement operational plans and have a working knowledge of the tourism industry.

If you’re thinking of pursuing a career in the tourism industry then it’s more than likely you're passionate about travel and one of the top reasons for choosing to work in the sector is that you are able to travel while you earn a living, whether locally, nationally or internationally located.