5 Perks of Teaching English Abroad

Kangan Institute Blog 5 Perks of Teaching English Abroad

Last Updated: 28th October 2021

5 Perks of Teaching English Abroad

Have you ever thought about teaching English abroad? If your answer is yes, it may well be the best decision of your life. If you are looking to travel out of your comfort zone and try a wholly unique experience, a career in teaching will be great for you. This career choice has become increasingly popular and the demand for more teachers has been gradually multiplying.

Deciding whether to embark on a career in teaching English can be a tough decision to make, especially if you are settled in a job. Although, taking the time out to teach is barely a gap in your resume. It’s an experience full of personal development and insights that can be transferred to all future career settings. A period spent teaching can demonstrate to any employer that you excel in the following key areas. Read here to find out how your time teaching English can go far beyond snapping pictures at tourist sites.

Personal Growth

For many, the thought of crossing unfamiliar borders may be a daunting experience, along with leaving behind your loved ones, everything familiar to you and ultimately what you feel may define you as complete. Teaching will give you a perfect opportunity to discover what you are capable of and test your limitations. These confidence boosting moments of self-realisation will last a lifetime and can ultimately improve your employability.

Whichever language it may be, the best way to learn a foreign language is to immerse yourself in an environment where you will be exposed to it and enjoy the opportunity to constantly speak it. Even if you believe you struggle with learning other languages, this approach works. Employers worldwide, especially international corporations seek workers who are bilingual as this can add to their business in many ways.

Make A Difference

Whilst teaching English abroad may primarily be a way to pay the bills, remember the everlasting effect you will have on others. To many, learning English can be their key to accessing enhanced professional and educational opportunities that will enable them to create a better future for themselves and their families. As a teacher, you can take great satisfaction in playing a crucial role in enabling your students to achieve their goals by learning English.

Getting Certified

You do not need to hold a degree in education or possess prior teaching experience to teach English in other countries. Although, if you are thinking about teaching English to other languages consider getting certified with a Certificate IV in Teaching English To Speaker Of Other Languages (TESOL) at Kangan Institute. This recognised TESOL certification will provide you with the training and qualification you need to get hired as a professional English teacher.

5 Perks of Teaching English Abroad

Life Perspective

Living in your home country, we are all often guilty of taking things for granted and ignoring what we have. Upon living in another country this will help you develop a broader outlook about how diverse different cultures are and how different living away from you home country can really be. Realising there is a whole new world beyond your own is an incredible and rewarding experience. If you strongly value life experiences, strongly consider teaching English abroad and learn what makes you fortunate to be born in your own country.

Your students are also able to teach you an abundance of things. They will embrace you for teaching them such a wonderful gift. These students, being a native speaker of their own language can also help you learn their language too.


If you enjoy exploring new locations, people, cuisines and cultures, then teaching abroad is possibly one of the easiest ways to do so. Once you have settled into the foreign country, the future journey of your new surroundings and exotic locations are right on your doorstep. Even if your job contract does not permit travel you can always find time for travel before you intend on heading home. Just by living in a foreign country you will be able to enjoy the opportunities for international travel, especially in Europe where you can bike or drive into the next country.

Having an understanding of different cultures is more important than ever. The ability to show sensitivity to cultural differences, whether dealing with customers, colleagues or clients will get you far. Even your knowledge of foreign markets and lifestyle habits could even give your company a competitive edge in those regions.

Boost Your Resume

The skills learnt through English teaching jobs abroad are highly valuable when you are planning to find other teaching opportunities abroad or back in your hometown. Communicating across cultural boundaries, learning new languages and leadership skills are great assets to add to your resume. There is no better way to show effective communication than the ability to stand in front of a classroom and teach people who do not speak the same language as you.

Nearly one billion people enrol in English classes worldwide each year and the demand for English teachers worldwide is increasingly growing. Employers in nearly every sector seek those with international professional experience. In addition, pursuing a job in a foreign country will provide your initiative, your willingness to move out of your comfort level and your ability to take on new challenges and adapt to a new environment.

There are infinite advantages of teaching English abroad and lots to consider before leaving. You may have apprehensions and overwhelming emotions, also some of your expectations may not be met. However, later on in life some of the most challenging hurdles that happened may be the best stories to share. Take this great opportunity and experience something exciting today.