Centre for Fashion - Testimonials


  • Current role: Visual Merchandiser Projects

A typical day for me is going to a store and implementing monthly visual merchandise (VM) briefs. We start the day merchandising the store and after lunch we do creative. Merchandising the store is the hardest part - we assess the best sellers, stock levels, discuss and organise the layout of the floor.

Creative is the best part as we get to style mannequins (anywhere from five to 20!) and group them, play around with props, develop the windows, compare stores (what are other stores doing and how can we be better and everything else).

I think the course has helped a lot as although we are given a brief from people higher up sometimes you have to make a whole merch up and as you're doing it you get flash backs of what you've learnt in class. For example, in one of the VM classes we learnt about target markets and as I style a mannequin or merch a story, I think "is this what our customer would wear?"

Working in retail is also a must. It's hard to get a job otherwise and just basic retail knowledge (like folding a t-shirt) is beneficial.

My next career goal is to work in a smaller company such as Decjuba, as they make their own propping for windows and that is something I really miss as well as being a little more hands-on and creative. I'd like to work my way up to national VM; do a stint overseas, start my own business in freelance VM and then teach!

The best part about the course was definitely the hands-on, creative tasks and opportunities to create displays for MYER and DIMMEYS. I always refer back to Toasty Ted and the dream catchers when we are in or around MYER!


  • Current role: Field Visual Merchandiser, Cotton On Group

I identify and implement visual merchandise (VM) strategies to achieve the goal of "getting it right first time for the customer" and manage in-store VM requirements by creating an in-store customer experience that is aligned to the strategy of Great Style, Great Value, Great Quality and Great Experience.

Everything I learnt in Kangan Institute's Diploma of Visual Merchandising course was helpful; from learning Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign ( I use these programs daily) to learning basic display principles and how to create something out of anything.

Meeting lots of new people and gaining key contacts through Dean and Ron was very beneficial.

After gaining some valuable experience, I hope to move on to more of a styling position and eventually become a fashion event stylist.

Melissa Bourne

  • Current role: Field Visual Merchandiser for Victoria, Factorie

I've always been a practical and hands-on creative person and visual merchandising is the perfect way to express that. The amount of time dedicated to work experience in Kangan Institute's diploma course really appealed to me as I knew that it'd help me get a job at the end of the course.

I really enjoyed the work placement experience as I like designing a concept and then sourcing the props for it and seeing it all come together at the end. Kangan Institute taught me how to create something out of nothing and the partnership with MYER was a great stepping stone for my current job at Factorie.


Visual merchandising is a combination of the physical and mental creativity - totally challenging fun!