Employability skills

Kangan Institute Employment Centre

Kangan Institute Employment Centre

What are employability skills?

Employability skills are abilities and strengths that help you remain employable and build a successful career.

Employers expect a certain level of experience and work readiness from applicants. They not only look for skills related to the technical aspect of the job, but skills that demonstrate how effectively you can do the job and achieve results. Employability skills can include communication, teamwork, problem solving, initiative, planning and organising, self-management and the ability to learn

Why are employability skills important?

Employers value applicants who possess a range of employability skills.

You need to demonstrate that you possess these skills or have the potential to develop these skills.

Employers will often highlight the employability skills they value in job advertisements or position descriptions. So, once you have an understanding of what the employer is looking for, you can tailor your application and interview preparation to highlight and demonstrate how well your skills align to the job.

How do I develop my employability skills?

You can develop your employability skills through a range of activities such as volunteering, community activities, work experience and active involvement in sporting clubs.

You can also develop a range of skills through your experience as a student. Look at the course requirements and expected outcomes of your course in terms of skills. Your experience as a student enables you to develop a range of skills through being disciplined to study, group assignments, class activities and participation.

Develop a skills checklist to help you focus on your employability skills.  This will help you build a portfolio of your skills. This is invaluable in interviews and applications as you can readily talk about situations in which you have used a specific skill. The Employment Centre has a range of skills checklists you can access.