Kick-starting your job search – Our top five tips

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1. Set yourself simple achievable goals.

Setting goals can help keep you on track with your career plans. Make sure your goals are achievable and clearly related to the kind of work you aspire to. They may be as simple as making a list of the employability skills you wish to develop and setting down a plan as to how you will do this.

2. Research the current job market.

Regularly looking at job vacancy ads in your field of interest is an ideal way to:

  • understand the type of employment opportunities that exist
  • gain an insight into the companies that recruit in your chosen field
  • identify the kinds of skills employers are seeking.

3. Gather your ‘intel’.

Start building your knowledge about the industry you wish to work in by:

  • reading industry publications
  • following influential people on social media.
  • researching companies by looking at their websites.
You will be surprised at the amount of useful information you will learn from doing this.

4. Build an employability folio.

Develop an employability skills list that provides examples of when and how you have developed your skills. This helps you to understand your skills and abilities so that you’re able to effectively promote them to employers.

5. Don’t wait until you graduate.

You may not be ready to start looking for work but it’s never too early to start researching the industry in which you wish to work. Put a few simple things in place now and you will find it so much easier (and less nerve wracking) when it comes to approaching your search for employment.