Kangan Institute Employment Centre

About us

One of the primary goals at Kangan Institute is to strengthen the employability of our students and help them find “real jobs” in their chosen industry.

That’s why we have an Employment Centre specifically dedicated to assisting Kangan Institute students in understanding and developing their employability skills and helping them find meaningful and sustainable employment.

The Employment Centre can assist you with a range of job search and employment related activities and resources, one on one assistance and access to the weekly vacancy listing.

Over 1,000 employers advertise vacancies with the Employment Centre each year and we have a strong track record in successfully placing our students into meaningful employment.

Once you have enrolled at Kangan Institute, you can register with the Employment Centre and have access to the resources and expertise to assist you in finding employment.

Kangan Institute Employment Centre                    Kangan Institute Employment Centre

How we can help

Once you jump on board with Kangan Institute, you’ll automatically be registered with our service and will be able to use the facilities in our main office in Broadmeadows to help you find a job.  You can use the following free tools to find and apply for jobs, too!

  • 'How To' Guides and resources for job searches
  • Phone - to contact possible employers
  • Photocopier - to make copies of your resume and job application letters
  • Fax machine - to send applications and resumes
  • Newspapers - to look through the job advertisements
  • Internet access - to search for and apply for jobs online.

The Employment Centre can also provide assistance with job searching and writing applications.

  • Resumes and Application Letters
    It is important to have an up-to-date resume and a well-written application letter when applying for a job. To help you prepare yours, contact us on the number above.
  • Interview Tips
    Find out what to do and what not to do with our interview etiquette and techniques information sheet. Contact us to request one.
  • Canvassing Employers
    Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we'll find a job for everyone, so it’s always great to explore other options. It’s always great to contact possible employers directly and send them your resume, or look for suitable jobs advertised online or in newspapers. Our consultants can offer advice on canvassing employers and phone techniques.

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