Kangan Institute Personal Counselling

Being student can be difficult. Issues at school and life sometimes have a way of weighing you down.

We realise and appreciate this. That’s why we have a free counselling service to assist you with overcoming these difficulties and getting your education at Kangan back on track.

Our service is private and confidential, staffed by experienced and qualified counsellors. It is also:

  • available at all campuses
  • offered face to face
  • by appointment or walk in
  • by telephone and email

Some concerns and problems which you might seek assistance for include:

  • Adjusting to major changes such as study commitments
  • Managing stress and balancing other commitments
  • Learning methods of relaxation
  • Overcoming fears (e.g. of giving presentations or of exams)
  • Working out relationship and family problems
  • Coping with lack of friends or support
  • Motivation, goal setting
  • Easing depression, distress
  • Rebuilding self-esteem, confidence
  • Dealing with challenging situations
  • Understanding the Australian culture and education
  • Sorting out mental health issues that may affect your study
  • Resolving conflict with other people

Our counsellors can also help you apply for Special Consideration if illness or another serious cause has interfered with the completion of your course.

How can I talk to a personal counsellor?

If you’re dealing with an issue that you need a hand with, feel free to contact one of our counsellors by calling 13 TAFE (13 8233) to make an appointment. If this kind of counselling turns out not to be what you need, the counsellor can refer you to other services.

If the matter is urgent, our counsellors will make every effort to assist you as soon as possible.


Counselling is confidential. Nothing you say to a counsellor will be disclosed to a third party without your consent.

Counsellors do speak about their work, in a professional way to other counsellors (who are also bound by confidentiality) for the purpose of reviewing the counsellor's work. Usually only the first name is used in order to protect the person's privacy.

There are exceptions to confidentiality when the counsellor believes that your life or someone else's is at risk. In this case, the counsellor will usually tell you of their concern and what they intend to do. The counsellor may need to contact other health professionals and/or your family depending on the nature of the risk.

Feel free to ask your counsellor any questions you may have.

Mental Health Services

For more information on available Mental Health services, the government provides information for consumers, carers and services.

For mental health emergencies, depending where the person needing help is located, you should call the appropriate Psychiatric Triage services from the list below:



Contact details

Inner Urban East


1300 558 862

North West


1300 768 073

Inner West

Essendon, Docklands

1300 304 407

There is also a service especially for young people. For emergency help for adolescents (15 - 18 years):



Contact details

North West Metropolitan

Broadmeadows, Essendon, Docklands

1800 888 320

North Eastern Metropolitan


(03) 9496 3620 (business hours) 
1300 558 862 (all other times)

For adults aged over 18 years, seek help from the Crisis & Assessment Team 18+ (if suicidal or appearing to have a serious mental disorder):



Contact details

North West Area


(03) 9356 5611 (business hours) 
(03) 9356 5000 (after hours)

Inner North West Area


(03) 9377 3400 (business hours) 
(03) 9342 7000 (after hours)

Community Support Services

The following list is for specialised support services:


Contact details

Alcoholics Anonymous

(03) 9429 1833

Australian Apprenticeships Referral Line

1800 639 629


(03) 9347 6099

Buoyancy (Drug and Alcohol issues)

(03) 9429 3322

CASA (Centre Against Sexual Assault)


Court Network

1800 681 614 or (03) 9603 7433

Mental Health SKY for under 18 year olds (24 hours)

1800 818 579

Dianella Community Health Centre - Counselling 
Broadmeadows area (hospital building)

(03) 9356 5678 Business Hours

Domestic Violence and Incest Resource Centre 

(03) 9387 9155

Drug & Alcohol Help

1800 806 292

Gay and Lesbian Switchboard Victoria

(03) 9827 8544 or 1800 184 527

Gambler's helpline

1800 777 706

Grief Line

(03) 9596 7799

Legal Aid (Melbourne - Victoria)

(03) 9269 0120

Kids Help Line

1800 551 800

Lifeline (General help counselling)

131 114

Melbourne Youth Support Group (Accommodation)

(03) 9614 3688


1300 78 99 78

Parent Line

132 289

Royal Melbourne Hospital

(03) 9342 7000




1800 333 000

Victims of Crime Helpline

1800 819 817

Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal

(03) 9628 7855

Women's Domestic Violence Crisis Centre (24 hours)

(03) 9329 8433

WIRE (Women's Information & Referral Exchange)

(03) 9654 6844 (9am-7pm Mon-Fri)