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3 Perks of Working in Pathology

When it comes to diagnosing a patient, one of the first things most doctors call for is a blood sample. By analysing a person’s blood, doctors can glean a wealth of knowledge about a person’s health background and detect some major health risks.

Most often, the person who takes the sample of blood is the pathologist. This trained professional is responsible for taking blood samples as well as other pathology samples while under the watch of a supervisor. Pathologists need to know basic first aid, and they need to be fluent in medical terminology and infection control procedures and policies. With these skills, a pathologist will have a long, rewarding career.

Want to learn about some of the other great perks of working in pathology? Check out these three perks and see why pathology is both challenging and rewarding.

1. Fast-paced industry

In the world of healthcare, the industry as a whole is always changing. As new policies and procedures change and become more efficient, industry professionals need to keep their skills sharp and continue learning all the time.

Once you begin working as a pathologist, you’ll find yourself using all the skills you learned in your coursework and picking up new skills all the time. You’ll be working with new patients every day, and though you may be performing the same services, you’ll find each patient has individual needs that you’ll have to adhere to.

Each patient will challenge your skills and teach you something new. As you work, you’ll get even better at drawing blood, and you’ll be in high demand among your patients. You’ll learn more about the role of blood in the body and how it can be extremely telling of certain diseases. With your skills, patients will feel comfortable sharing their concerns and ask you their most pressing questions.

What’s also great about this industry is that you can build on your skills and work towards other jobs in the profession. With your foundation of knowledge, you’ll have a head start should you wish to go back to school or apply for other positions.

2. Plenty of employment opportunities

Because pathologists are in demand and will continue to be in demand, there are plenty of great places to work all over the country. No matter where you’re living, you’re certain to find plenty of employment opportunities in varied places.

One of the most common places to find work is in a hospital or emergency clinic. Both see a wide range of patients come in and out, and pathologists take blood and other samples for doctors to keep the health care process moving smoothly.

For this reason, private clinics will also employ pathologists to help keep operations moving quickly. Because most types of clinics will draw a patient’s blood at one time or another, you can work for all types of clinics. For example, you might go to work for a cardiologist to draw blood after the doctor is finished working with a patient.

Some clinics will also send pathologists to the home of patients - especially elderly patients who cannot go to the clinic themselves. Having good customer service skills is vital here as you’ll be working one-on-one with patients in a more intimate setting.

3. Impactful work

As a member of the healthcare community, pathologists make a big difference in the lives of their patients. Having blood drawn can be a stressful process for people afraid of needles, and they rely on pathologists to be skilled with a needle while exhibiting good bedside manner. The best pathologists can keep their patients at ease while they go about their work.

Pathologists also work hard to keep hospitals and offices clean of infection. In hospitals especially, there are millions of different germs in every room, and there are different procedures for dealing with certain germs and infections. Pathologists are well versed in these procedures and policies, and they keep infections contained and away from those who haven’t been infected.

Above all, the ability to see a patient go from sickly to complete recovery is perhaps the most rewarding part of being a pathologists. Pathologists take satisfaction in knowing that they helped their patients of the path to a full recovery.

Are you ready to learn more about this exciting career opportunity? If you’re serious about a career in pathology, then enrol in the Kangan Institute’s Certificate III in Pathology Collection (HLT37215). This qualification is needed in order to work in the pathology industry.

Upon completion, you’ll be eligible to work in a hospital, pathology clinic or even in a home as part of a home visit programme that some clinics run. Get involved in this exciting career opportunity now. Enrol at Kangan Institute and start building the skills needed to have a rewarding career.

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