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4 Reasons you should be a Beauty Therapist

Do you love experimenting with makeup and trying bright, standout shades on your face? When a formal or a special occasion rolls around, do your friends beg you to work your makeup magic on them? Do you watch televisions shows or theatre productions that use heavy makeup and think, “I could do that”?

If so, then a career in beauty therapy might be just what you’re looking for. This industry needs talented, devoted and excited individuals who bring something special to their work in the beauty industry.

If you’re considering your career options, then here are four fantastic reasons why you should be a beauty therapist.

Plenty of job opportunities
The beauty industry is ever growing. So long as there are formals, weddings and the need for selfies, there will always be a client who will pay to have perfect nails and a flawless complexion. For beauty therapists, the career options are endless.

Score a job as a:

Nail technician: Turn finger and toenails into works of art. As a nail technician, you’ll help clients keep their finger and toenails healthy while advising them on the hottest shade of nail polish. You can also create fun designs on their nails to make them stand out.

Waxing technician: Whether it’s the legs, upper lip or bikini line, waxing can be a painful process, but the results are really what counts. When you’re working as a waxing technician, you’ll help ease your clients’ fears and deliver the results that make the process so worth it.

Makeup artist: Your client’s face will be your canvas as you make them stand out in all the right ways. Prepare brides to walk down the aisle or assist in a photoshoot and bring out the model’s most prominent features.

Consultant: Want to share your vast amount of beauty knowledge with the world? Consultants help their clients chose the right beauty products to accentuate their features and battle oily and dry skin.

These are just a few job options that await those who complete a Certificate III in Beauty Services, but there are plenty more. With the right education, your career in beauty therapy can take you in a number of different directions.  

Meets tonnes of cool people
Beauty therapists work with men and women from all walks of life. From teen girls going to their first dance to men and women treating themselves to a relaxing manicure, you’ll encounter plenty of unique people who will make sure every day is different.

As you become established in your line of work, you’ll begin to cultivate a small following of regular clients who will trust you and follow you no matter where you go for employment. You’ll get to know them well and find that you know more about their lives than you do your closest friends. Your regular clients will be your best tippers, and you’ll feel like an important part of their lives.

Additionally, you’ll have plenty of drop-ins and unexpected clients that will keep your days fun and interesting. If you’re a true people person, you’ll love getting to know each client and feeling like you’re walking in their shoes for a moment.

Options to be your own boss
Not all beauty therapist careers are tied down to a salon. Beauty therapists can work in department stores, pharmacies and at home.

Major department stores need beauty therapists to represent the major cosmetics that sell their products at cosmetic counters. Whether you’re representing Chanel, Clinique or Bobbi Brown, you will be listening to your client’s needs and offering your best advice on which products would be most beneficial to them.

Pharmacy makeup counters offer a wide selection of makeup sold as a much cheaper price than most designer makeup brands, but even brands like Revlon and L’Oreal have great products that deliver beautiful results. As a consultant, you’ll use your knowledge of makeup to help customers choose the best products for their skin types.

You can even work from home as a beauty therapist. You might operate your own business out of a spare room in your home and invite clients over to have their makeup and nails done. Some beauty therapists become sales representatives for cosmetics companies and perform demonstrations in people’s homes to show off their products. If you like working independently, this may be a great option for you.

Still, many beauty therapists choose to work in salons because they love the atmosphere, but it’s important to know that other beauty therapy opportunities are out there. 

Tailor your skillset
Like any great career, beauty therapy starts with a strong education foundation. At Kangan Institute, you can earn your Certificate III in Beauty Services in just six months and get started working in a thriving beauty salon. Your instructors will help you harness your skills and apply them to a variety of skillsets, such as nail technology, lash and brow treatments and waxing treatments.

Upon graduation, you’ll be able to get a job as a nail or waxing technician in a beauty salon or as a makeup artist. You may also chose to strike out on your own as a freelance beauty consultant or a cosmetic or beauty equipment sales representative. You might decide to work with a pharmacy or department store as a consultant.

Of course, a Certificate III is just the beginning. As you grow as a beauty therapist, you might find that your interests lie in massage therapy or in hair styling. You can always go back to school and build on your skills so you can do more as an independant contractor, a masseuse or even a beauty salon owner.

If you already have the skills and the interest in beauty therapy, all you need is the education. Take advantage of these great beauty therapy career opportunities at Kangan Institute and get started on your amazing career. 

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