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5 Steps to Break Into the Fashion Industry

For many prospective TAFE course students, a career in fashion would be a dream come true. And the good news is that achieving that goal could be more within reach than you might first think through a fashion design course in Melbourne. 

But rather than hoping to get discovered while walking the streets in your own designs, those who make it put in the hard yards through a fashion design TAFE course, networking, research and more. 

Here we’ll step through the major questions: How do I get into the fashion industry? And, what qualifications do I need to be a fashion designer? 

Follow these steps for the best chance at breaking into the tight-knit fashion industry, and starting your career as a budding fashion designer. 

1. Learn Your Trade

Like any creative career, first and foremost you need to learn your trade through a recognised training institution. A nationally accredited fashion design course at Kangan Institute is a great place to start.

Here you’ll learn the technical skills, theory, and broad understanding that will lay the foundation of your career. Plus, you’ll also give potential employers the peace of mind that you’ve jumped through all the entry-level hoops, so they won’t have to worry about your basic skill set. 

Many ambitious young people make the mistake of thinking that their career won’t benefit from traditional study. And it’s true that some of the most successful designers have totally flipped the fashion industry on its head. But in order to break the rules, you first need to know them back to front. 

Creativity is a wonderful asset. But without formalised training like a TAFE fashion design course, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone willing to give you a shot. Remember, you probably won’t start off in your dream designer role. You’ll likely begin as an assistant and work your way up—so you’ll need to know everything to excel as soon as you get that first break. 

2. Network Like Crazy 

If you’re asking yourself ‘How do I get into the fashion industry?’, try networking. During your Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Merchandising and beyond, you’ll want to be networking at every opportunity you get. Graduate fashion shows might enable you to introduce yourself to potential employers. Your campus mentorship program might connect you with fellow alumni who have been successful in making that leap between study and employment. Even the people sitting next to you on your workbench could be future colleagues and peers. 

In addition to face-to-face networking, you’ll also want to turn to the other major industry leg-up—social media. Update your profiles, particularly LinkedIn, to let everyone know you're an aspiring designer. Professionalise your Facebook and start your own dedicated fashion Instagram account. It also doesn’t help to collect professional photos of your designs as you make them and collate them into a portfolio website. 

3. Know Fashion—Today’s and Tomorrow’s 

Fashion is a constantly evolving phenomenon. What’s in one day seems to be out the next. Key to long-term success in this industry is keeping your finger on the pulse. By knowing your history, you can create the future—and even predict the next big thing. 

Dedicate some time each week, or even at the start of each day if you’re really keen, to digest some fashion news. 

  • Buy books 
  • Subscribe to magazines or blogs
  • Follow designers on social media.

4. Find Your Niche

As you start building your presence and getting better at your trade, you will naturally find your own style. Perhaps you’re passionate about sustainable fashion, or you love clean lines and high-end looks. This will be the foundation of your brand as a fashion designer, should you ever choose to go out on your own and start your own label. But even if that’s not on the cards, it will help you narrow your career towards the work that you’re most passionate about. 

Build A Personal Brand 

Aside from your fashion brand, should you choose to create one, you’ll also want to invest in your personal brand. As a designer, your clothes are really only half the equation. How do you come across? Is it the perception that you want your label to be aligned with? 

Play to your strengths and build upon your weaknesses. Make those connections we discussed earlier. If pitching or public speaking isn’t your thing, consider diving in headfirst and tackling your fears through a course. These are all valuable assets that will help you to grow your own brand over time. 

Study a Fashion Design Course at Kangan Institute.

Our unique holistic approach to training, dedicated and experienced faculty of teachers, and supportive learning environment means that you can access the latest knowledge across all areas of fashion. Learn the dynamics of the fashion retail value chain and make industry connections to get the competitive edge you need to stand out from the crowd.

At Kangan Institute you can study: 

You can find out about more about our courses on our website, call us on 138 233, or apply online now.

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