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6 Reasons to Enrol in a TAFE to University Pathway


TAFE courses can be the perfect pathway to University; offering guaranteed entry, a smoother learning transition, hands on experience, and often credits toward Higher Education courses.

Read on to find out our top 6 reasons why a TAFE to University pathway with Kangan Institute might be the right fit for you.

1. TAFE can offer a ‘smoother transition’ to University

Kangan Institute is regarded for its hands on and relaxed learning environment, offering smaller class sizes and a more personalised approach to education.

TAFE also provides a space for students to build their study skills, develop industry knowledge, learn hands on, and boost their confidence before going on to University and/or the workforce.

2. Acceptance to University is guaranteed

Upon completion of a TAFE qualification, students are guaranteed entry to some of Australia’s leading Universities, e.g., graduates of Kangan Institute’s Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance (HLT43015) are automatically accepted into the Bachelor of Health Sciences at La Trobe University.

Pathways are a great option for those that did not obtain the ATAR needed for a University course. TAFE can act as a stepping stone to get students not only into University but better prepared for Higher Education.

3. TAFE courses can be credited toward University

Kangan Institute have formal agreements with a range of Universities, ensuring that Diploma and Advanced Diploma graduates can gain credits toward specific degrees when completing their studies with TAFE first.

This means that the length of time required to complete a degree at University can be shortened by undertaking a pathway with TAFE. For example, graduates from Kangan Institute’s Diploma of Community Services (CHC52015) can reduce the time required to complete the Bachelor of Community and Human Services at Federation University by 12 months when undertaking a pathway.

4. Potential to save money and complete study locally

Students that don’t live local to their University of choice may be able to complete their studies with their local TAFE first before continuing on to University.

Relocating or commuting for University can be very expensive. By enrolling with a local TAFE, students have access to a range of benefits including:

  • Saving on long distance transport costs
  • Reduced University fees with credits gained
  • Opportunity to undertake a Free TAFE course

With Free TAFE now available on a range of courses, students may be able to supplement their first year of University with a free TAFE course while still acquiring credits toward a University degree.

Free TAFE courses offer eligible students government subsidised funding which can make learning more accessible to those concerned about course fees.

To learn more about the Free TAFE courses available at Kangan Institute click here.

5. Potential to start earning money sooner

Nationally recognised TAFE courses can be completed in as little as 6 - 12 months and qualify graduates to start working in their chosen field immediately.

This means that while studying a Bachelor’s Degree part time at University, a student that completed a pathway through TAFE, e.g., Diploma of Nursing (HLT54121) is already qualified, able to gain employment in their field and able to start earning an income.

6. Potential to improved employment outcomes

Graduates that complete pathways from TAFE to University finish their study journey with two qualifications.

In some industries, employers have a preference to hire staff with both a VET qualification (practical skills) and a degree (theoretical knowledge).

Completing a pathway program enables graduates to have a wider range of skills, knowledge and experience which is highly regarded by employers.

There are a variety reasons why TAFE to University Pathways are a great option and should be considered by anyone wanting to study.

For more information on Kangan Institute courses with articulated University pathways click here.

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