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A Career in Community Care Services

As Australia’s population gets older, a career in aged care is a great chance to make a difference to the lives of older people. The community care services and health industry is increasing at twice the average rate of all other industries and is projected to generate one in four of all new jobs by 2015-16. If you have a passion for caring for the elderly and looking to work in one of the fastest growing industries in Australia, our Certificate III in Individual Support (CHC33015) course will help you achieve your goals.

This certification will give you the knowledge to provide social, physical and psychological support for the elderly as well as the disabled. Throughout your studies you will be required to carry out activities such as maintaining clients’ personal care, support and assist clients in various ways and palliative care services.

The sector most in demand is Aged Care. At Kangan Institute we have collated a variety of information that explains what Aged Care work involves, potential career paths and certifications.


Caring for the elderly or those with disabilities in the aged care sector can be one of the most challenging and demanding jobs within the healthcare industry. Although, it also comes with many rewards and broad opportunities that can lead to a truly gratifying career. Aged care workers are also referred to as support workers, personal care assistants, home care assistants and community care workers.


The number of people requiring aged care in Australia is set to double by the year 2050, with the demand for professional support worker increasing rapidly. Once certified there are ample opportunities available to gain a position within the aged care sector where you can build a successful and highly fulfilling career.

Varied Roles

There are various positions within the aged care industry to suit a wide variety of skills and personalities. There are careers in frontline support, human resources, administration, and also managerial and corporate roles. There are also various departments support workers can work in. You may choose to work with the elderly, younger people with disabilities or families with people who receive aged care.

The setting of this role can also vary, some roles may be located in community care where you can offer your support and services to people at their home, at a residential aged care facility providing continuous nursing support or assisting in a community-based facility.

Rewarding Yet Challenging

Although working in the aged care sector can be an extremely rewarding and fulfilling career, it does come with its challenges both physically and emotionally. Taking care of an elderly person or disabled person can have its physical demands, for instance, if you are in a support role where you are required to provide hands on assistance.

Working within the healthcare industry may require you to manage someone with difficult health issues or behaviours. You may also be working in an environment where you may experience grief and loss and you will also be exposed to the emotion of friends and family throughout your career as a support worker.

Required Skills and Attributes

There are several important skills, attributes and characteristics aged care workers require to establish a successful career in the healthcare industry. Employers will look for employees with a caring and supportive nature, strong communication skills, patience and physically fit. Those hoping for a career in this industry must embody a positive outlook, maintain a high level of professionalism and the ability to show natural empathy towards the elderly or disabled.

Making a Difference

If you enjoy working with people and helping others, a career in the healthcare industry could be a suitable match for you. Working with the elderly or those with a disability that requires assistance can bring so much happiness into someone else’s life. There are many roles you can provide to help others, you may become their personal assistant, provide companionship, their emotional support or their cook and cleaner. This is an extremely gratifying career which will leave you knowing you have enhanced the lives of your clients by allowing them to live at home in their own surroundings or providing intensive support within a high care facility.

Take Advantage of Free TAFE at Kangan Institute

If you are considering a career in aged care as a support worker, and a Certificate III in Individual Support (CHC33015) is the perfect starting point. And the great news is, you may be eligible to study this course with Free TAFE*.

Want to study aged care at Kangan Institute? You can find out about more about our courses on our website, call us on 138 233, or apply online now.

* Eligibility Criteria Applies. See https://www.kangan.edu.au/free-tafe-for-priority-courses.

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