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Achieving your Dream of Becoming a Police Officer

Many dream of becoming a police officer as it is a meaningful and impactful way to serve and protect their community.

Becoming a police officer requires comprehensive and highly specialised training which is often provided by police academies. Police officers are required to be up for a challenge, are physically and mentally fit, who want to give back to the community, and who align with Australia’s core values. To embark on this career path, an individual needs to be prepared for the subsequent testing and recruitment process.

What do Police Officers do?

Police Officers work to serve, enforce laws and protect communities. Specific duties of a police officer can be extremely diverse and much of their daily routines will involve patrolling certain areas. Some of their responsibilities include:

  • Keeping people feeling safe
  • Maintaining law and order
  • Arresting and interviewing suspects
  • Obtaining warrants
  • Securing crimes and accident scenes
  • Writing detailed reports
  • Testifying in court

Other duties also include responding to emergency calls and working shifts that operate all hours of the day. Depending on a police officer's length of service and training, police officers can move up the ranks and may be required to investigate crimes ranging from petty theft to murders. They improve the life for all using various technologies to protect them, identifying criminals and ensuring those who break the law are prosecuted successfully.

How to Become a Police Officer

Becoming a police officer can be extremely competitive, to begin this inspiring career, applicants must pass an entrance exam. At Kangan Institute we understand that the police application process is a major barrier to achieving your lifelong dream of becoming a police officer. The Police Entrance Exam Preparation course (B350AP01) will equip students with the confidence and skills needed to undertake your Victorian Police Entrance Exam.

Revise skills in spelling, maths, English and writing as well as debating abilities. With a simple application process, interested students are able to apply directly online via the Kangan Institute website. This course runs for 8 weeks ensuring you are ready and prepared to take your police entrance exam. Learn the skills and techniques to assist you to confidently undertake Victorian Police Entrance Examination.

To achieve your dream of becoming a police officer, here are some simple steps to follow:

  • Attend information sessions. Victoria Police hold regular information sessions where they will explain the broader role, assess whether applicants are suited to this career path and if suits their career goals.
  • Complete an online application. Once successfully completed, applicants will be contacted by Victoria Police Recruitment and given a unique application number where they can then book your Police Entrance exam.
  • Book a Victoria Police Entrance Exam.
  • Victoria Police will next conduct background checks which include traffic, criminal and employment history.
  • Fitness capability. To check fitness ability to carry out a role as a police officer applicants will complete a fitness test at the Police Academy, this includes push-ups, obstacles and swimming.
  • Health checks. Applicants will be given a medical booklet for their doctor to record their current health condition and discuss any previous medical situations. Applicants are able to carry out a preliminary health check on the Victoria Police website to see if their medical history will affect your application.
  • The role of a Police Officer can be demanding, not only physically but on a person’s emotional state as well. Applicants will have a psychological assessment to assess their suitability for the role.
  • Applicants will be interviewed by Victoria Police, which consists of a series of behavioural questions and general discussion. You can find out tips for the interview process here.

Salary of a Police Officer

The salary of a police officer will be based on many factors such as experience, skills and training. Although another important factor will depend on the location you are based. Some locations of the country pay more, although this is usually in comparison to the cost of living. The annual starting salary of a police officer is $42,000, with an annual senior salary of $80,000, with an annual average salary of $56,000.

Police officers will always be a vital component to maintaining a peaceful society and the demand for police officers remain relatively steady for the foreseeable future.

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