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Are you a born Manager?

If you like being in the corporate world with a respectable position within a company then you can aim at being a manager. The manager of an organisation is quite a prestigious job title that can also be very challenging. Sometimes a manager is required to organise and coordinate office procedures and operations well in order to facilitate organisational efficiency and effectiveness. A manager is also responsible for supervising office staff, to oversee and lead a group of employees in a company in order to encourage optimum performance from them.

Are you a born manager?
Being a manager means that you need to know how to be an effective leader and how to stand out from the crowd. It is possible for almost anyone to do well in this field. If you are interested in being a manager then the very first step that you need to take would be to conduct an honest self-assessment to find out if you have what it takes to be a good manager. The following are some of the traits or characteristics of an ideal manager:

Can you take the initiative?
This is one of the most important characteristics for a manager that simply cannot be compromised on. After all, a manager cannot manage if they don’t take initiatives and seize good opportunities as they pass by. A good manager should feel a sense of ownership when carrying out their duties. Since managers have a substantial level of authority, they can address problems on their own accord in order to ensure that the company does not suffer unnecessary risks or problems.

Are you a team player?
A manager is someone who always has to work with a team; therefore you cannot be a manager and not be a team player. An ideal manager is someone who is committed to working closely with a team of people, be it superiors or subordinates. The manager shouldn’t be selfish or utilise people in order to get ahead but rather motivate their team to perform their level best so that the team, as a whole, can benefit from the joint efforts.

Do you have decent conflict resolution abilities?
The essence of the job description of a manager is to act a liaison between various people in the company, be it the lower-level employees, the mid-level employees or the higher-level ones. Disputes are bound to take place in an organisation; therefore the manager should be equipped with good conflict-resolution abilities. In other words, they should be able to handle conflicts well in an organisation. A competent manager is one who identifies problems and nips them in the bud so that problems don’t become insurmountable!

Do you have time management skills?
The role of a manager is to make optimum use of not just their time but also of the time of other employees in the office. If you want to be a manager then you should be aware of how to value time and make the most of it. In the corporate world, time is money, therefore deadlines should be taken seriously and procrastination is a huge no-no for managers!

Have you got a likeable personality?
This is one of the top must-have characteristics of a good manager because the best managers are able to build great work relationships with their team. Thus, managers should also be good role models for the entire organisation. A good manager is also expected to have a good sense of humour and a likeable demeanor. They must smile often because being serious all the time would create negative vibes and stress in the workplace. In other words, a good manager is one who makes work fun but get the job done. They must be a guardian of the work culture in order to be able to mentor or coach the team members.

Can you be calm under pressure?
An ideal manager is one who flourishes instead of breaking under pressure. The job description of a manager is a challenging one and it requires the manager to be cool under fire. It is important for every manager to not feed a problem or crisis but rather to organise it and find solutions to get rid of it.

These are the top qualities that every manager should have. If you don’t have a few of them then don’t be disheartened. Instead, look at courses that will help in order to train yourself to become a good manager.

Kangan Institute offers qualifications for many different managerial roles. If a career in a managerial position sounds appealing to you, contact Kangan Institute today!

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