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Great Reasons to Consider Studying VCAL

 Is your child a practical, more hands-on learner who will benefit from hands-on classes rather than the traditional classroom environment? Or are you perhaps returning to studies after time away and are searching for support to gain your senior school qualifications?

Whichever category you fall into, Kangan Institute’s Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) could be exactly what you are looking for.

Most Australian students have the choice of only one senior secondary qualification, students in Victoria have the opportunity to choose from two secondary certificates, the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL).

VCAL focuses on practical, hands-on training combining work-related experience, literacy and numeracy skills, industry-specific skills and personal development programs. VCAL students can complete work placements, VCE units and TAFE classes in small sized classes, in a mature learning environment, providing a perfect alternative to VCE.

Alternative Study Options

VCAL is designed for students who do not plan to go to university after secondary school and prepares them with an alternative pathway such as an apprenticeship, Vocational Educational Training (VET) or full-time employment. This certificate allows students to finish their secondary studies and work towards future training or employment aspirations simultaneously.

VCAL students can choose modules based on their interests and career aspirations. This way you can combine your dream of working in fields such as fashion, automotive or construction and align it with your educational studies.  

Hands-on Training

One of the main appeals of the VCAL is its strong emphasis on practical work-related skills. Students are able to focus on specific industries by completing a VET qualification, or complete units from a range of vocational areas. Students can also choose to undertake a tailored work placement, an apprenticeship, traineeship, or part-time work.

VCAL gives students the opportunity to partake in workplace learning, which could ultimately present you with a new career opportunity. Students also have the opportunity to participate in industry and community competitions and events, which provide various avenues to build work-related skills, expand your network and boost your CV.

Flexible Study Program

VCAL is a flexible study program that allows students to design a study plan based on their interests and learning needs. VCAL has three options, foundation, intermediate and senior. Students are able to complete whichever level best suits their abilities and career aspirations.

  • Foundation VCAL
    If you or your child is yet to complete year 10 or has been out of school for a while, VCAL Foundation (VCALFND001) will help to get back into education. Specially designed to help improve literacy, numeracy and communication skills as well as preparing students to become job ready and also giving the opportunity to start a Kangan Institute pre apprenticeship or a range of other certificates.

    After completion, students will obtain a Certificate I in Information, Digital Media and Technology as well as units in health, well-being and vocational preparation. Develop your general skills increasing your eligibility for further study and employability for a variety of different industries.
  • Intermediate VCAL
    VCAL Intermediate (VCALINT001) course is available if you have completed Year 10 and looking to complete your secondary certificate. VCAL provides students with practical work-related experience, along with Vocational Education and Training (VET) in a vast range of subjects.
  • Senior VCAL
    VCAL Senior (VCALSEN001) course provides students with a practical work-related experience with Vocational Education and Training (VET), as well as literacy and numeracy skills along with the opportunity to build important work and life skills.

VCAL is an option for anyone, whether you are making a change from regular schooling or a mature student returning to studies. You can start from one of the three VCAL levels equivalent to Years 10, 11 or 12.

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