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Is Information Technology The Right Career For You?

A career in IT can fall under various sectors within computer technology and business. This is great news for you, as you have a wide range of career opportunities to choose from.

The Information Technology industry is a pillar to our society and common currency to the working professionals. A career within this sector is attractive, globally in-demand and supporting a booming industry.

Information Technology makes our lives easier by enabling super speed communication, providing tools for more effective work and giving us the immediate access to vast information. Although, technology also introduces a huge risk factor that isn’t always within our control. If your computer or network connection fails this is where a career in Information Technology takes form.


Information technology covers a wide range of job roles, so it is crucial you explore the potential career paths before you settle in a job. Take a closer look at the qualities essential to the various job roles within each IT career path and assess your own abilities and find out if your career goals and interests match and most importantly determine what level of education you will need for the IT roles that are of most interest to you.

Important Characteristics

If you are looking at starting a career in information technology, here is a list some of the skills and qualities that you will need to develop in order to be successful in information and technology.

  • Clear and concise communication skills in order to understand queries.
  • Exceptional organisation, as you may be dealing with complex computer systems and programs.
  • The capacity to develop a plan of action and follow this in a timely manner.
  • Strong analytical, numeracy and literacy skills for problem solving.
  • Unwavering focus and attention to detail, especially for day-to-day tasks.
  • The ability to work well as part of a wider team and also independently.

Software Engineer

The job role of a software engineer typically includes designing, programming, maintaining, auditing and improving systems to meet particular requirements. They are required to understand both hard and software systems and diagnose and resolve system faults. This job role also covers designing and writing code for operating systems and software to ensure optimum efficiency. This work involves talking to clients and colleagues to assess and define what solutions or systems are needed and recommendations for any future software developments.

Technical Support

Technical support workers are the professional troubleshooters within the technology sector. Many technical supports specialists work for hardware manufacturers solving the problems of business customers and consumers. Other technical support workers will support, monitor and maintain workplace technology and responding to users’ requests for assistance. Different support lines will requires a range of professionals with specific knowledge, but is also a great way into the industry for those certified.

Systems Analyst

System analysts investigate and analyse business problems and will then design information systems that will provide a practical solution. They are required to gather requirements and identify the total cost of the project and the time needed to implement the system. This job requires a mix of both business and technical knowledge.

Web Developer

Web Development is a term that describes everything from the building of websites to the infrastructure that works alongside it. Web development is extremely technical and involves a lot of programming as well as the more creative side of designing user interfaces and new websites.

Technical Consultant

The job role of a technical consultant within the information technology sector is flexible and varied. A high salary in this job can be attained by establishing yourself as an independent technical consultant. Understanding a range of computing, software architecture and programs will assist you to provide the best advice and support for businesses.

Information Technology Coordinator

A career as an Information Technology Coordinator will see you responsible for supporting the entire business by overseeing its technology. Day-to-day tasks of this job include to purchase equipment, restore data and manage troubleshoot workstations. In this position you are expected to have a thorough knowledge of complex data systems, software and servers, as well as good communication skills to to lead and manage people.

Work environment

Many Information Technology professionals work ‘in-house’ at large corporations or medium sized businesses. They also work on an independent basis, working freelance or as part of their own business.


The Information Technology industry is rapidly growing and there is plenty of opportunity to work your way up to a high salary. An entry level position such as Network Support Technician can expect to earn around $57,000 annually on average in Australia. A more experienced role, such as Information Technology Manager, will see you earn upwards of $98,030 a year. In this industry, more industry experience is beneficial to your salary, where independent senior IT professionals can earn even more.

Get Certified

At Kangan Institute, we offer an Advanced Diploma of Information Technology (ICT60220), this course is designed for those that wish to start a career in the Information Technology industry or upskill for a job in computer programming and software. It will provide students with the skills and knowledge to coordinate and administer the installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance of a range of networks, enterprise servers and systems, including internetworking, security and digital business solutions. Graduates will learn to work as an independent information and communications technology specialist or as part of a wider team.

If reading this, you feel this article best describes you and the job roles are of interest, there is a high chance that a career in information technology is the right match for you, and that you have what it takes to complete your certification in IT.

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