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Joseph Thompson - Diploma of Automotive Technology

Joseph Thompson is a hard worker.

Originally from Mauritius, he worked and saved for seven years so that he could come to Australia and study a Diploma of Automotive Technology at Kangan Institute.

Even though Joseph had to put in the hard yards before he could make it to Australia, in the end, a rewarding career in the growing automotive industry will make it all worth it.

“I would highly recommend anyone from my country to come and study here,” says Joseph, who is half-way through the two-year Diploma of Automotive Technology.

Joseph wants to build an exciting career fixing cars and take the skills he’s learning at Kangan Institute back to his home country.

Find out how Kagan Institute is training Joseph so that he can become a master mechanic and, one day, pass on his knowledge to the next generation of mechanics.

Why Choose Automotive

A career in the automotive industry is perfect for anyone who loves to work with their hands. As with any major industry, automotive provides students with a wide range of study options. Kangan Institute courses give students the opportunity to learn all the most important skills.

As an industry that is constantly growing and changing, automotive needs the next generation of mechanics, electricians and technicians to be skilled and up-to-date with the latest that modern technology has to offer.

This means that students like Joseph have great career opportunities available to them.

The average salary for people working in the automotive industry in Australia is approximately $67,000 dollars per year.

Students have a varied range of careers and jobs available to them after study, as an automotive mechanic, automotive electrician or motor vehicle parts technician. Studying automotive also opens students up to the opportunity of owning their own business in the future, once they have gained enough practical work experience.

This means that a career in automotive is perfect for anyone who prefers hands-on work, even if they have never touched a car in their life.

How Joseph Discovered That Automotive Was Right for Him

Joseph has always been proactive and good with his hands.

“I used to be a boxer and played for my local soccer club in Mauritius. Although I don’t have much time I have joined a Mauritian soccer team here and we play for fun.”

These days, Joseph is more interested in training so that he can get a good job.

If he becomes a skilled worker he can then build a better future for himself, his family and the people in his community. This led to him leaving Mauritius so he could pursue his dream.

“I am from a small city called Barkly,” he says. He came to Australia because of the opportunities it offered.

“I was recommended to study at Kangan Institute by my education agent in Mauritius. My friends, who were currently studying automotive, specifically recommended Kangan Institute due to the facilities, expert teachers and assistance with finding work placement.”

Joseph knew what his goals were, but he had to work incredibly hard to get there.

“I saved for 7 years and my father also contributed to fund my studies at Kangan Institute.”

“I want to be able to get an education, help the new generation and give them the opportunity to learn new skills like I did,” he says, thinking about the future. “When I complete the course I would like to open up a workshop back in Mauritius.”

It seems crazy that his dream almost didn’t come true, when Joseph felt like he couldn’t complete the course.

Luckily, Kangan Institute was there to help.

How Kangan Saved Joseph’s Dream

“When I first started the course I wanted to give up as I did not know anything about mechanics.”

However, thanks to some words of encouragement from his trainer, David Salmeron,  Joseph found the confidence he needed to push on.

“Dave advised me to focus and encouraged me to persevere,” he says. “My classmates have also been very supportive.”

Now Joseph is on the road to success.

“I am learning something new everyday.”

“The Institute has new technology and specialised equipment that I have not seen before. With the support of my teachers, I am learning.”

Now Joseph’s skills are advanced enough that he is doing work placement. Kangan Institute has industry partnerships so that students can gain real experience and find employment easily once they graduate.

“I have been placed with Goodyear in Glenroy, where I work with qualified mechanics and learn about servicing, mechanics and talking with customers. My boss and the mechanics are caring and very helpful.”

Even though it has been hard at times, Joseph says that the experience has been overwhelmingly positive and worth it.

“I would highly recommend anyone from my country to come and study here,” adding that in some other places, “you can’t find the same technology, good teachers.”

His favourite thing about Kangan Institute is that, “everyone is very supportive.”

He thinks more people should know that studying at Kangan Institute is a good idea.

“It is a good idea if you want to better your future.”

Want to apply to study at Kangan Institute? You can browse our Automotive courses here, call us on 13TAFE, or apply online now.

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