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Opportunities for Women in Trades

 Now more than ever, women are interested in trade jobs and the trade industry itself. These industries often boast job security as they deal with many necessities that people use every day. Though historically these trades have been dominated by men, women are now coming into these roles with great success and support from both genders.

Are you a women considering entering a trade? Check out these in-demand trades that offer plenty of benefits and opportunities for advancement and growth.


No matter what a building is used for, you can always guarantee that it has some sort of plumbing within. Sinks need to run; toilets need to flush. When either one breaks down, there’s one person to call: a plumber.

The plumbing trade can be very busy, especially if you’re in high demand. A good plumber is hard to come by, and customers will be loyal to a plumber for years if they find one they like and trust.

Naturally, plumber involves a lot more than just turning off the water. It involves connecting pipes, understanding how a plumbing system in a house or building works and how to go about solving a problem. It takes a solid understanding of plumbing systems in home as well as neighbourhoods, and while the mess can sometimes be off-putting, plumbers are generally paid very well in Australia.

Automotive industry

Few other industries offer as much job security as the automotive industry. Car and other motor vehicles remain one of the best modes of transportation in the country, and with all the improvements in fuel efficiency and new developments in self-driving technology, it’s clear that automobiles will certainly play a vital role in Australia’s future.

With a good education and certification in the industry, women have ample opportunities to succeed in this hands-on field. Those who like to work with their hands and enjoy taking apart engines and putting them back together will find this field both challenging yet enjoyable. Because new people will bring their cars in every week, you can be sure that you’ll always be working on something new, which will keep you days fresh and interesting.

There’s also a lot of variety for women in the automotive industry. You don’t have to work with cars exclusively. With the right training, you can work on farming or construction equipment and help keep those engines running. Some even go to work for mines as technicians who are in charge of keeping the mechanical equipment in the mine working smoothly. 


The engineering field involves several different important skills: machining, welding, assembly, measurement, maths, safety and reading electrical drawings. This is a great field to get into as it provides ample job opportunities and great chances to work on a variety of projects.

The engineering field is diverse with different types of work opportunities. For example, you can chose to study general engineering, or you can chose to specialise your skills. The mechanical trade trains people to become toolmakers, maintenance fitters and fitters/machinist. If you’re interested in going to work for a mine or a shipping company, then you might study the fabrication trade.


Building a home or building from the ground up is no easy feat, but it can be a rewarding experience. For any woman that enjoys working with her hands, this work can be very enjoyable and show good progress over time. Strength is needed to work in construction, but you don’t have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger to do good work. More importantly, knowledge of how to construct a building and prepare for the drywall, electrical work and plumbing will be helpful.

Like engineering, construction jobs can be equally as varied, and as you study at a TAFE, you may specialise in certain fields. Some choose to specialise in carpentry and use their skills and talents to make doorframes and other aspects of the house. Carpenters can also build furniture so if you like to be creative, then this field might provide you with the chances need to exercise your creative muscle.

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