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Start planning your Career before you Graduate

If you’re in school now or are considering higher education to prepare you for a chosen profession, you might think that excelling at your coursework and getting the best marks is your only focus. While these are certainly essential goals, there are other steps you should be taking to plan your career before you graduate. You need to separate yourself from the rest of the crowd that’s competing for the same dream job as you. The time is now to start planning for success in your field, so use these tips to make sure you’re the one getting hired.

Take the right approach to the workforce
Whatever field you choose, you should have very detailed knowledge about the job opportunities you’ll be looking at when you graduate. If positions can be hard to find, whether because there’s intense competition or the job is highly specialised, you might need to consider another approach. The time and money you’ve invested to prepare for your career is meaningless if you cannot make a living at it.

Revisit your career planning goals regularly
You should review your goals and aspirations frequently as you plan your career before you graduate. Every few months, write down where you want to be in one year, five years and ten years down the road. Revisit, adjust and add to these goals so you stay on the right track in your educational pursuits. 

Make sure you have or can obtain the right experience
Excelling in the classroom alone isn’t enough to land you the perfect job when you graduate, especially when many other students have the same high marks. A potential employer will be looking at your level of experience in addition to your education, so make sure you either have some or can arrange to obtain some. A part-time job or extracurricular activities might be options to consider. Volunteer work is also a worthwhile pursuit, as you’re helping others while also learning skills that can help you later in your career. Of course, your philanthropic efforts also tend to impress a hiring committee further down the road when you’re job seeking.

Assess your interests, hobbies and motivations
A job shouldn’t be simply a way to earn a paycheck; rather, your career should be something you enjoy and that drives you to succeed. Therefore, as you plan your career before you graduate, think about those interests that inspire you. Consider what activities you like to engage in for fun, outside the classroom. Many times, you can work these motivations into your career choices.

Analyse trends in your chosen career and make adjustments as necessary
Many fields experience ups and downs as the global economy shifts, and job opportunities tend to follow suit. One year, you may see almost limitless job prospects; several months later, many people are looking for work as demand for their skills is reduced. While you’re still in school, you can take steps to be better prepared for the job market you’ll face once you graduate. Read up on current publications, register to receive important newsletters and analyse industry publications so you’re not caught off guard when you start looking for a position in your specialty area. 

Consider internships for real life experiences
If you don’t opt to take classes during the summer, internships are a great way to gain experience and learn more about your field. These opportunities also make a great impression when you include a description on your resume. The best way to find appropriate internships is to talk with a trusted instructor or consult with a career counselor. These individuals often have access to information that you don’t and can set you up with a position. More importantly, they can often provide a good word to recommend you for a highly competitive internship opportunity.

No matter what field you choose, it’s important to plan your career before you graduate if you want to find success. The ideal position isn’t just handed to you; it’s essential to earn it by showing that you possess qualities that other candidates don’t offer. There’s no doubt that the right educational program is also critical, so you should invest time and effort in finding the best available in your area of study.

Kangan’s wide variety of curricula offers students a high level of instruction in many fields, while also providing an environment where students can learn through experience. If you’d like to hear more about our classes and availability, please check out our courses and programs. Our specialists can also answer your questions about career options.

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