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The Importance of Literacy and Numeracy Skills

Obtaining an acceptable level of literacy and numeracy can greatly improve many factors in your life, including improvements to your social life, education and career prospects.

The ability to read, write, and understand information, can hugely affect your employability. If you have poor literacy and numeracy skills, there is plenty of help available to improve your future prospects. If you are interested in improving your literacy and numeracy skills, we at Kangan Institute have designed courses specially for those who may have left school early but now want to improve their basic reading, writing and numeracy skills.

Getting Support

Students from a range of different backgrounds who take these courses will be surprised at how quickly they can improve their spoken English. This course can make your life a lot easier, at the workplace and even carrying out your daily activities.

Strong literacy and numeracy skills lay the foundation for all students to succeed at school, at work and their daily life. With the best literacy and numeracy support (LNSUPPORT), improve your employability today. Kangan Institute’s literacy and numeracy support (LNSUPPORT) is designed to assist students in developing their literacy, language and numeracy skills in order to achieve proficient results in their vocational studies and improve their employability.

Often students who are undertaking apprenticeships, VCE or other vocational studies may need to further develop their literacy and numeracy skills further in order to successfully complete their certification. Worry no more and improve your literacy and numeracy skills today by choosing to study at Kangan Institute.

Literacy Skills

Literacy has been defined in various ways over the years. Previously, being able to sign your name was considered a reasonable sign of literacy. Our understanding of what it means to be literate has altered and current definitions have taken into account the literacy demands of the society we live in. A more recent definition of literacy is the understanding, evaluating, using and engaging with written texts to participate in society, to achieve personal goals and ambitions and to develop knowledge and potential.

Literacy is the ability to read, write, speak and listen in ways that will allow us to communicate effectively to a variety of different audiences and to make sense of the world. Reading and writing, when integrated with speaking, listening and viewing and critical thinking, constitutes valued aspects of literacy in modern life. Literacy is a critical component to ensure all students have the best chance to succeed in their studies and everyday life.

Numeracy Skills

We are all required to be numerate to maximise our potential and to make a positive contribution to society. In our exceedingly technical world, numeracy skills, in particular the ability to interpret data, are becoming increasingly more significant and are hugely sought after by employers. An absence of mathematical confidence and poor numeracy skills are obstructions to employment as numeracy tests are increasingly becoming a routine part of the recruitment process.

Rapidly growing technological advances are making the need for numeracy skills more critical within the workplace. With more employees engaging in more sophisticated tasks, numeracy is recognised as an essential employability skill.

Numeracy is defined as the ability to access, use and interpret and communicate mathematical information and ideas, in order to engage in and manage the mathematical demands of various situations in adult years. To be numerate is to confidently and effectively use mathematics to meet the everyday demands of life.

Numeracy is important for individuals to develop logical thinking and reasoning strategies in their everyday activities. We need numeracy to solve problems and make sense of numbers, time, patterns and shapes for activities like cooking, reading receipts, reading instructions and even playing sport.

Literacy and numeracy help people gain the fundamental skills necessary to achieve success in life. There is a huge national strategy to improve literacy and numeracy and to support students to live a satisfying and rewarding life as well as being an active participant as an active and well informed resident. Literacy and numeracy skills are crucial for accessing the broader curriculum because they are used in many aspects of our lives. Workplace numeracy, literacy and employability skills are often used in conjunction with one another. These required skills often overlap and are necessary for any task.

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